Shopping online is smart…

I love that not only is it super efficient with both time and money, it allows so many more choices!

I have an e-design business and recommend specific links for client’s projects. If you are interested in more information about e-design, here is the website for it: Frame and Frills. I can give you specific recommendations for your exact project.

Below are some of my ‘Go To’ places to shop online… In fact, I start on this exact page and click through the links for shopping when I’m searching for a product!

Another staple shopping source for me is:

Rustic Creche

Here are the details about a very special hand-crafted Rustic Creche you can order directly from my parents, who make them!! 

Decor Steals and Antique Farmhouse

are really fun resources for vintage looking items. I love the antique reproduction rolling iron laundry basket I found there. They only sell a few items, and have limited quantities, so it’s fun to frequently check them out for what’s in today!

Here at Simple Decorating Tips, if you see anything that you want more information on, ie: sizing, quality etc. where to purchase, just comment or email me! I’d be thrilled to share the shopping links and info with you. (I do try to include some of that info on most posts, but I know I miss a lot, so just holler!) 🙂

This blog is a source of income and although I may  incorporate endorsements or shopping links, I will only choose to promote products/services/businesses that I actually have found to be good for me… and hopefully for you too! If I try something and I don’t like it, I’ll tell you that as well. 🙂