Our Former Cottage: Coastal Cottage in Maine

Our coastal cottage in Maine is fairly small, but the perfect size for us. And best of all, it’s 3/4 mile from our favorite beach in Southern Maine! It’s been great fun collecting ‘treasures’ from tag sales around the area to transform into cottage furniture.

Below you will find all the links leading you to the full article I wrote about my experiences traveling around Maine visiting some amazing places, as well as re-doing furniture and creating fun accessories for the cottage.

Part of decorating is being inspired. I’m inspired by many things, but for sure one of those things is getting out and taking notice of places and scenery around me. That’s why on this page I have the posts separated into 2 categories… Projects and Places.

At the top of this page are the post featuring projects I’ve worked on for at the cottage. But after all the projects, I have the posts from places around the east coast that I’ve visited and I’ve drawn from for decorating inspiration.

Click on the link below to read the full post about that project or place:


Nautical Cottage Bathroom

Nautical Cottage Bathroom Tips on Achieving Cottage Style

Why I Love Cottage Style, and How to Achieve It Easiest DIY Beadboard ever

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Places: Inspiration Garages and Sheds

Garages and Sheds martha-stewart-could-live-here

Martha Stewart Could be Here! Inspiration from Antique Wallpaper and what to do if it gets Damaged

Inspiration from Antique Wallpaper; and what to do if it gets Damaged! Coastal Maine, New England Style Houses

Coastal Maine: New England Style Houses Why St. Ann's church is worth a stop every day of the week

St. Ann’s Church, Kennebunkport, ME. Why it’s worth a stop every day of the week! Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse… Why is this the most photographed lighthouse? Goose Rocks Beach

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