Porches, Patios & Courtyards at Our 100 Year Old House

This is a sprawling old house, so there are a few porches, patios & courtyards at our 100 year old house. We even have a carport on the front. Some are original to the house, and some were added either by us or previous owners.

All of them needed fairly major work when we bought this place, and as we’re slowly working through each project outside, you can follow along, hopefully finding a few tips and some inspiration for your own house, so that you can enjoy your place too.

Click on a link below to read about the details and projects of the porches, patios & courtyards at our 100 year old house:

front porch composite decking

Front Porch Composite Decking Floor DIY Iron Fence and Arbor

Install this Arbor & Fence

Pruning a Hydrangea Tree Moving a Gazebo

Moving a Gazebo onto the Property DIY Winter Porch Arrangement

DIY Winter Porch Arrangement This was the Inspiration

This was the Inspiration Before & After Concrete Lions

Concrete Lions Before and After Vintage Umbrella on Door

Vintage Umbrella on Door Hanging Christmas LanternsCreating a Merry Christmas Welcome, Part 3: Hanging Lanterns Rustic Deer Themed Christmas TreeCreating a Merry Christmas Welcome, Part 2: Rustic Deer Themed Tree Create a Merry Christmas WelcomeCreating a Merry Christmas Welcome, part 1: triple wreaths Vintage Wicker and Step by Step for Easy Sew CushionsVintage Wicker Easy Sew Cushion Tutorial Creating an Oasis with a Water Fountain title pageWater Fountain Oasis in the Courtyard bird, nest and forsythias in vintage watering canAdding Spring to the Front Porch Watering Cans Flanking Front Door‘HOPE’ Sign DIY