Hallways, Stairways and Closets in Our 100 year Old House

Our home has 3 finished floors plus a full basement, so let me tell ya, there are a lot of hallways, stairways and closets in our 100 year old house! I actually feel pretty fortunate to have many closets too, as so frequently older homes were not equipped with many closets.

Through the renovation process of this old place, we’ve had all sorts of decorating projects for the hallways, stairways and closets. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some inspiration with one or several of these projects so that you too can enjoy your place as you work to create just the right thing.

Click on a link below to read the full post I’ve written about a project, decorating tip or tutorial pertaining to the hallways and stairways in our 100 year old house. Interior Paint Colors for Our 100 Year Old House croppedInterior Paint Colors for Our 100 Year Old House

closet Repurposing a doorway titleRepurposing a Doorway Creating a Whimsical LibraryCreating a Whimsical Library Kitchen Stairs

Re-Opening the Back Kitchen Stairs Linen Closet LabelLabels for the Hall Linen Closet