Reno Projects: House by House

Here are some of the more recent design projects I’ve worked on…

From small design ideas to large, whole house renovations. Some of these featured houses we’ve lived in, some are friend’s, family or client’s homes.


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Front of house update.

This is our new home, a mid century home with a beautiful view but some quirks and styling that’s not my taste. Here is how I am changing that…

CLICK: Our New Home, a Mid-Century turned Colonial Revival

This was our 100 year old house after we renovated it. Click the link below to see all the renovation posts and see how it changed… Our 11 Year Old House

CLICK: Our (FORMER)100 Year Old Home

This was our little coastal cottage in Maine. Decorating a coastal themed cottage is a lot different than a house in the Midwest. I’ve had fun repurposing tag sale finds to fit in. You can click the link below to see all the projects I’ve written about.. cottage at dusk 2016

CLICK: Maine Coastal Cottage

Aaron and Melissa bought this 1970’s house a couple years ago and immediately started their first major renovation project. The transformation is stunning! Barely recognizable from the before to the after! Kitchen Redo

CLICK: 1970’s House Reno to an Open Concept Farmhouse Style


You can read all the posts I’ve written on renovating a friend’s 1980’s condo, to what I call a ‘Modern Swedish Farmhouse’ open concept style…

condo renovation Modern Swedish Farmhouse

CLICK: Condo Renovation


My son and daughter in law purchased this bungalow for their 1st home. They’ve done a fantastic job of restoring and renovating it. Follow the link below the picture of the dining room to see all the rooms and projects they’ve done. (the pot rack in the kitchen is one of my favorites!)…

CLICK: Minneapolis Vintage Craftsman Bungalow