About Me (& this Blog)

Hi I’m Liz…    interior decorator and author of this DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips.

My goal at Simple Decorating Tips

is to inspire and encourage you to create a well functioning and beautiful home so that you can enjoy your place. I do this through my experience as a designer, but also through my own DIY and decorating projects.

Currently, we’re renovating our new home,

a Mid-Century to Colonial Revival Cottage style (You can check out the progress and see if you like the before and after so far!)

There are projects from our former home a 100 year old house in the Midwest. I’ve also shared fun coastal decorating of the cottage in Maine, as well as work on a few clients projects too, like this Condo Renovation!  (and even decorators make mistakes once in a while ? so you get to see that too)

Part of creating a lovely home that functions well is getting out and about and being inspired by things and places I see. I share with you my experiences and thoughts of all sorts of Places for Design Inspiration.

The Blog:

With my experience as an interior designer, and homeowner/ self-renovator I have lots of information and ideas to share with you! That’s why Simple Decorating Tips is full of photography, DIY, Tutorials & Tips along with the inspiration to hopefully help you create a well functioning and beautiful space.

I love gardens and gardening, both inside and outside… so there’s a whole section devoted to Gardens. Which includes tips and DIY and also visiting other beautiful gardens.

On the Details page, you’ll find tons and tons of just that details… details in decorating, holidays and so much more, so be sure to visit it and see what all there is.

There’s one last page… the Shopping page! It has links to my favorite sources I shop at for simple supplies to whole house renovations. (yes, I do get paid a small affiliate amount if you shop through these links… it’s no extra to you, it is just how I keep this blog going. So thanks for using them! 🙂 )

Thanks for reading along on my adventures!

Obviously, this whole blog is about me, in one way or another, but on this ‘About Me’ page I’ve gathered the posts I’ve written that are the most personal to me, maybe getting a bit more personal than the average post I write. So if you’re interested in the woman behind this decorating blog read on…

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