How to Install a Floating Shelf

To install a floating shelf using a floating shelf kit is actually super easy and I’m going to show you how I mounted this simple weathered looking one and the fun display I put on it.

I think I’ll be unpacking boxes forever! Seriously! I’m slowly getting through them, but it’ll be so long until I’m done. As I go through each box of treasures, I’m either using the stuff as is, or repurposing, (so that means time for a craft) or selling it, (which is time involved as well).

My dad taught me a life long lesson when I was a little girl hoeing the tomatoes. I felt overwhelmed with the row that was so long I couldn’t see the end of it. He said just put your head down and look at what your hoeing, the end will eventually come. I try not to feel overwhelmed with the mountain of boxes in storage, instead I just put my focus on one box at a time. I actually feel really good about each box of stuff I get through, albeit a small dent, the end will eventually come.

This box of stuff I was unpacking was from the cottage in Maine. It had a very special, (to me at least) model yacht that needed to get out of storage! I felt a simple styled floating shelf would be ideal to display it on.

A floating shelf is almost magical looking…

Isn’t it amazing how it just seems to float there on the wall without any support brackets? The secret is, of course there is a bracket, it is just hidden inside the shelf. In this post I’ll show you how easy it is to mount a floating shelf from a kit, and show you what I have displayed on mine.

The back of the floating shelf reveals the secret. There are holes that go into the shelf to make room for the bracket.

I didn’t have a stud where the shelf was to go, so I used an anchor like this one.

I like to use these simple screw in type anchors for not too heavy a load. In this post I give you more details for using them.

Once the anchors were in place I screwed the bracket to the wall into the anchors.

Next step was to slide the shelf onto the bracket.

One more step…

This shelf came with a pair of set screws to keep it from sliding off the bracket. I simply tightened those little set screws to secure it.

Here’s a tip: If the shelf is mounted below eye level, like mine is, position the set screws to the underside of the shelf. But if the shelf is higher on the wall above eye level, do the opposite. In that case, position the set screws to the top side of the shelf to keep it hidden from view.

All done! I’m so happy to have 1 more box unpacked and our beautiful model yacht on display again.

If you’re looking for a floating shelf kit similar to mine, HERE are several styles of floating shelves in different colors and sizes!

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