6 Furniture Projects to Inspire You

Revisiting some older posts here at Simple Decorating Tips, I thought it’d be fun to share 6 past furniture projects for inspiration. Even though I decided to only select from older projects, I am still tickled with the results! I am including tips with direct links for the products I used in order to help you be able to transform your own projects.

First product and maybe the most important: For almost every painting project I work on now, I use bonding primer. It works on just about any surface and unlike most primers out there, this special bonding primer assures that it WILL STICK! There is nothing more frustrating than working so hard to re-do something and then have the paint easily peel or scratch off whenever it’s bumped.. HERE is the shopping link for my favorite bonding primer. It goes on super smooth and is water clean up.

After the primer is totally dry, I like to use 2 coats of latex paint. HERE is my favorite brand of paint I use on furniture, walls and woodwork.

It is fantastic paint. It smooths out really beautifully, so that brush strokes don’t show. It is super durable and available in many different finishes, from matte to gloss. Seems like I usually wind up selecting either the matte or the satin finish. You can get it custom mixed and delivered to your door!!

One more item I use a lot of is paintable caulk. When I’m painting walls and woodwork, using it to fill the cracks makes the finished job look magically professional. I don’t use it as much on furniture projects, but on occasion there is a need, so I’m including it for you. HERE is my go-to for paintable caulk.

On several of these projects here today, I used a paint marker LIKE THIS ONE. This approach is so much easier than trying to get a clean line with a paint brush!

Finally, although one of these furniture projects here is a hand-painted bird on a table and another is a table with handpainted waves, sometimes I don’t feel so artistic to make a handpainted design. That’s why I find decoupage so exciting. The huge opportunity it gives me to be creative without needing drawing skills is fantastic. I can still be creative even if I don’t feel like handpainting a custom design. Mod Podge is so fun to use! HERE is my favorite type of Mod Podge that I’ve used on many pieces to transform them.

Okay, there are the products, here are the projects… Just click on the project name to read the details and tips for creating it.

The first 3 projects are made with decoupaged graphics, either created on computer or gleaned from other sources.

1: Coastal Cottage Style Table

2: Counter Stools, Eat, Drink and Be Merry

3: Sofa Table Re-Do Sofa Table Redo

The next 2 furniture re-do projects I did with a little free hand painting:

Bird Themed Table

Sea Themed End Tables

This final furniture re-do project is a great example of how a fresh coat of paint and elbow grease can really transform a piece of furniture.

Antique Furniture Updated

I hope some part of these projects have inspired you to take advantage of this time at home and update or re-do a piece of furniture of your own!

Here are many more furniture re-do projects I’ve worked on:

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