7 Simple Hangers

These 7 simple hangers are fairly common, (except one that is pretty unique). I use most of them so frequently that I thought about calling this post ‘7 Hangers You Can’t Live Without’…. then I decided that was a wee bit sensationalized. (Maybe?)

I truly love to share simple tips and techniques with you for the sole purpose of offering encouragement. I want you to be able to DIY without being afraid. To understand things like simple picture hangers, may actually help build your confidence to hang a picture, plate or artwork yourself!

Last week I posted ‘5 Ways Hardware Made a Difference‘, because finding the right hardware piece can be the catalyst to make a creative idea come to fruition. This post on 7 simple hangers is sort of continuing that theme, in a bit simpler format. Shopping links for each hanger is in its featuring post.

Number 7: Hollow Wall Anchor

Simple Hollow Wall Anchor

I needed a hook in the sheetrock wall to hold a drapery tie-back. I marked the spot on the wall where I wanted the hook to be placed.

It appeared there wasn’t a stud where the hook was to be placed, but to just screw the hook into the sheetrock wouldn’t offer enough support.

Simple Hollow Wall Anchor

To be sure I didn’t miss a stud in the wall, I checked it quick using my small power drill driver and a 2″ sheetrock screw. I screwed it into the wall in the exact mark for the hook. If there was a stud there, I’d know it super quick because as soon as the screw went through the sheetrock and hit the wooden stud, it would suddenly be much harder to screw. If that turned out to be the case, no need for an anchor, I’d just twist the hook right into the stud.

In this case, there wasn’t a stud located where the hook was to be mounted.

Simple Hollow Wall Anchor

Next step, after I backed the sheetrock screw out of the wall, was to gently push just the tip of the metal wall anchor into the pilot hole I made with the sheetrock screw.

Technically, these anchors don’t have to have a pilot hole started for them, but I prefer to do it that way. It assures me that my stud finder didn’t miss a stud in the wall. I’ve actually done that a couple times, and it’s kind of a mess. If there was a stud in there and I just tried to screw the anchor in, it would hit the stud and not go forward any more… instead it would just spin around in the sheetrock creating an even bigger hole. Not ideal for sure!

Simple Hollow Wall Anchor

With a handheld screwdriver, (or a power driver on slow!) I screwed the anchor into the wall…

Simple Hollow Wall Anchor

being sure to stop as soon as it was flush with the wall. If you’re not familiar using a power driver, I’d recommend just using a handheld screwdriver. It is so easy to over screw with a power driver, causing the anchor to go all the way through the sheetrock, then it would be pretty much worthless as an anchor.

Simple Hollow Wall Anchor

Once the anchor was in place, I just screwed the hook into the center of the anchor. The anchor is metal, but it is a soft metal that receives the screw and holds it in place.

Simple Hollow Wall Anchor

Simple hollow wall anchor does the trick! This type of anchor is great to offer a bit more holding power than just the sheetrock alone. It is not intended for a heavy duty anchor though, so be mindful of how much weight is being held.

Number 6: Cleat Style Hanger

This is half of the cleat style hanger.

Here is the post I wrote about a faux zinc lettered sign I made and used these unique cleat style hangers to mount it on the wall. This hanger is great for heavier objects and to create a flush mount hanging.

Number 5: 3M Velcro Mounting Strips

This is a product by 3M that allowed me to finally not be frustrated trying to hang a grouping of pictures very close together in a perfectly spaced format. Here is that post highlighting more information on these mounting strips.

Number 4: 3M Command Hook

In that same vein is this 3M product that allowed me to hang this fun Spring umbrella directly on the glass on my front door using a non-invasive hook. Here is the post showing that cute vintage umbrella with more description for using the hook.

Number 3: Magnetic Rod

This little magnetic curtain rod has been a wonderful find for me. Here you can see how I used it on the door of the apartment with no sew curtains I created for the downstairs door. It was during a time when all our stuff was in storage, including the sewing machine.

Number 2: Unique Cornice Hanger

Here is a clever mounting bracket to hang a simple cornice. I used a jimmy-rigged set up to hang a cornice valance but since have found this bracket. Guess what? It isn’t intended for a window treatment, it’s meant for a very different purpose, but who says you can’t be creative with bracket use, right?!

Number 1: Plate Hanger

My last simple hanger is one that I use a lot of! I love, love, love vintage dishes! I love to display them by hanging them on the walls like art. I have vintage dishes hung in every single room of my house, bathrooms included! The easiest and most used way I accomplish this is by using this simple plate hanger. Here is a post telling you more information on that.

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