5 Ways Hardware Made a Difference

Ever been at a point of a project when you seem to have hit a dead end, or at least a really big pothole? You had the vision but are struggling how to connect the pieces? Boy, I sure have, more times than I can count.

Usually it goes something like this: I have a vision for the finished project. I even have most of the ‘ingredients’ for the project. The big ole pothole is figuring out how to connect those ingredients to make the vision come to life.

I have found many times that some sort of hardware is the key ingredient. Finding just the right type of hardware can actually allow me, (and you) to be super creative and achieve our vision!

Here are 5 ways hardware made a difference in projects. I hope this post inspires you to be willing to look beyond the obvious and let a unique hardware choice lead you down a creative path.

When is a Rolling Barn Barn Style Door the Perfect Choice? In this post, I not only tell you when it was for me, I also show you the specialty hardware I found that made the diffence to give me the opportunity to turn an antique door into a barnstyle door for our master bath!

In this post Shutters (do’s & don’ts) I show many wonderful shutters like these wooden ones. I also tell you how simple cleat hardware to hang shutters with can help you to ‘fake’ a properly installed shutter!

Talk about looking beyond the obvious. Sometimes, like in this Amazing DIY Wall Mounted Pot Rack, the hardware choice may not even be hardware! I share how my son and daughter-in-law create a pot rack on a shallow wall in their old kitchen with plumbing parts he repurposed for pot rack hardware.

Our last house was a 100 year old house with a very useful, but kind of boring to look at, built-in hall linen closet. By Adding Labels to the Linen Closet I show you how simple vintage style hardware with label holders easily added character to a hall closet.

Finally, in this post Window Boxes in the Sunporch I show you how this super inexpensive hardware was a key ingredient to make my found window boxes work perfectly to create the indoor herb garden I was envisioning in the sunporch.

What project do you have that hardware could make a difference for?

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  1. Donnamae says

    I love all those ideas. We have a laundry closet close to our bedrooms. My hubby wants to get the hanging hardware (barn door), and take our 2 bi-fold doors, which are solid oak, and make them into barn like doors. That’s the plan anyway. Don’t know if the doors would be too heavy for this or not. We are still thinking and researching. Take care of yourself!! 😉

    • Liz says

      That sounds like a great idea Donnamae! The barn style hardware is very strong and heavy duty so the weight of the doors shouldn’t be an issue. Just be sure you are able to get it attached to the header above the doorway and a stud on the extension part of the runner. 😊

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