Business Expansions are Coming!

I’ve been so busy, and I’m super excited to share with you what’s been taking up a considerable amount of my time lately.

I have business expansions coming!

Even though I’m super busy getting it all organized, I really wanted to share a bit about it with you here. Twenty-two years ago I opened up a design studio and was quite busy doing all sorts of interior decorating. Then, due to some personal reasons, I made the very difficult decision to close my design business. It was a hard decision, but once I did it, it was confirmed that it was the right choice.

As I started to get antsy for more design work, but wasn’t desiring to take on clients, I renovated a few houses and started this decorating blog. Both have been great fun! The latest house I’ve redone is the one we’re currently living in. You can see some of that renovation on this page.

I have a passion to help people be able to design well functioning and lovely homes. I feel that if one can have a well functioning and lovely home it’s helpful to a healthy life. I know for myself, I can’t hardly think straight if my house is a mess.


My expansion plans are to offer 3 different types of interior decorating consultation.

  • e-Design Consultation. Which is all totally done through email. This avenue opens up all sorts of possibilities. Some of the benefits of this style of consultation are that it saves time and money. You, as the client, don’t need to have your house perfect for a designer to come in. There is the ease of scheduling, no need to have the exact same calendars… Maybe I send an email to you in the afternoon, you can respond whenever it’s convenient for you, even if that’s 2 a.m. no worries. All this convenience means you not only save time, you save money. It’s a very cost effective way to get design consultation!
  • In-Home Consultation. This is the typical way for hiring a designer, to have the designer come in to your home. Since I’m only taking clients that are local to where I live, this is a very limited market. This is a more costly way to hire a designer too.
  • Group Class Projects. This is the third type of interior decorating consultation I’m offering. I’m pretty excited about this one too. I think it’s a great compromise for people that want to do some of their own design, but need some guidance. My classrooms will be about 3 or 4 people with their design dilemmas brought to class, which will be in the studio in my home. ‘Class’ will be focused on a particular topic. You will select which class you want to be involved in. Then the class will have some time of me sharing some basic tips for how to design/decorate whatever that subject is. The other part of class will be as a group we’ll work on each person’s own design dilemma to get some great brainstorming going. Sound fun, right?!

Here’s where you can help me. I have some ideas on what would be the most popular topics for group project classes, but would love to hear some ideas from you. Would you want to attend such a thing, and if so, what topic(s) would you want to attend?

I’m not quite ready to reveal the name of the new website I’m creating for this. I still have a lot to do, but it’s getting closer. For now, I’ll just show you this:

UPDATE  Here is the post revealing the name: Announcing my New Interior Decorating Business! Here is the direct link to the website: Frame and Frills

This is the logo for my new website. What’s the ‘F’ for??? Oh I’m sooo excited to share that, but not quite yet! Stay tuned! (News is out The ‘F’ stands for Frame and Frills!!)

A little more about my e-design business Frame and Frills:

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  1. Cheryl says

    I’d like help with where to start when redoing a whole room ie outdated living room., Paint vs wallpaper, lighting, rugs….
    Look forward to learning more about all three of your stated options.

    • Liz says

      Great ideas Kathy! Furniture arrangements is a great subject and I’m sure others would be interested in that too. Same with lighting! Thanks so much for your input, it’s very helpful!

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