Rustic Creche

Rustic Creche

Do you have a Christmas nativity displayed in your home? I have several! In fact, I keep collecting them. I love all the different styles that I see. My favorites are the vintage and homemade ones I’ve collected over the years.

Here is a post I wrote a few years back showcasing some of my nativity collections, I’ve added to it since then!

Here is a DIY felt nativity I made one year for our grandson.

We display a creche outdoors at our house as well… here is a post showing one of the outdoor nativity displays we have.

Point is, whether you have one or not, you probably have room for another, or know someone that you could give one to for a very special gift! Especially a handmade nativity.

Boy, do I have a wonderful one for you to consider for your Christmas display collection!

Rustic Creche

My dad (and mom too) have been busy this fall designing and creating, totally from scratch, a hand-crafted rustic creche nativity.

Yup, that’s Dad working away in his little workshop in their backyard! He’s in his mid-80’s, but has a spirit of a 40 year old and a heart that loves Jesus. Dad and Mom live in Arkansas, where they moved later in life and love the warmer climate with the much longer growing season it offers. After living most of their married years in Wisconsin, retirement in Arkansas was a welcome relief from the harsh winters of Wisconsin.

If you have been following Simple Decorating Tips for very long, you have probably read some of my posts ‘bragging up’ my folks. My dad is the most amazing gardener I know!

Here are a few of the posts I’ve shared with you featuring them: ‘Waterwalls & Cloches‘, ‘DIY this Planter‘ and this very special post showing us on the farm back in the early 60’s!

My parents have never been afraid of work… And though they are ‘retired’ they are still working to supplement their retirement funds. Their garden is always large enough so that Dad can sell starter plants, (yup, he grows the healthiest tomatoes and peppers from seeds!) and veggies at the local farmer’s market.

I’m thrilled to share with you their rustic creche creation:

Rustic Creche

It is totally handmade by Dad! Mom has set up a website:

The rustic creche nativity isn’t too large, more of a medium size, and made of rough sawn wood for that ‘rustic’ look. I just think that hand-crafted is the most special, don’t you?!

Rustic Creche

Dad and Mom do ship the Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger figurine with the creche, but you could use your own figurines if you wanted.

Rustic Creche

This side view shows the sweet angle of the roof and the thickness of the wood.

Rustic Creche

Here are the approximate sizes of the rustic creche:

Rustic Creche

About 13″ or so wide.

Rustic Creche

The tallest part of the creche, the front, is about 9″ tall.

Rustic Creche

And the depth of the base, front to back is about 8″.

Rustic Creche

Would you use the figures they found to go in it, or would you use your own? I also thought simple wood silhouette figures would be nice. My friend has some wooden figures and the kids have loved to play ‘Christmas nativity story’ with them.

Make sure you go visit Mom and Dad’s website and get your rustic creche ordered today!!

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