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I’m back inside from a summer that was FULL of landscaping and gardening projects. Now, finally, I have time to write and share with you, (and hopefully inspire you with) many more projects… including details of our home we totally renovated. It’s a Mid-Century that had very little character we transformed into Colonial-Revival Cottage style! You can see more about that here.

I thought it’d be fun to kick off the ‘back-to-the-blog’ with a GIVE-AWAY!! WHOO-HOO!!  This is a giveaway for a free stencil of your choice from Stencil Revolution.

To be entered in the drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment at the end of this post before the deadline of October 21, 2019 and you’ll be automatically entered. One lucky person will then be able to select and receive the stencil of their choice! Sweet, right?! Be sure to leave a comment below to get in on the fun! Also, be sure the email you use to comment with, is current, so if you’re the winner, I can notify you.

Stencil Revolution was so sweet to contact me and offer me any stencil of my choice to do a project with. I didn’t have a project in mind at the time, so I chose a mosaic pattern stencil. Not only do I love the full pattern, I figured when a stencil project did come up, if I didn’t use the full mosaic pattern, at least one of the 9 pattern options would work. This is the stencil I chose, the ‘Scandinavian Mosaic Tile Stencil‘, (you can also see it further down in this post)

This super simple stencil project is using a little old wooden box to create a salt and pepper and napkin caddy for the kitchen island: Super Simple Stencil Project

I found this old wood caddy box at a tag sale online and picked it up for just a couple bucks. It was easy to re-paint with left-over paints from past projects.

Here’s the lovely Scandinavian Mosaic Tile Stencil: Super Simple Stencil Project

I only needed the smaller pattern for my project, therefore, I taped off the adjoining edges so that while I stenciled it, the tape protected the paint from getting into the adjoining patterns onto the box as well. Super Simple Stencil Project

Here’s the box all painted and ready for stenciling, (except the black handle which I painted last… when the black paint was out for the stencil). Super Simple Stencil Project

For the actual stenciling, I dug out my old sponge stencil pad and some paper towel folded up for a blotter. (the sponge pad was so old that by the end of the this project it fell apart… When I tried to rinse it out, it literally disintegrated. Glad it got through the project okay though. LOL) Super Simple Stencil Project

I simply dabbed the sponge into the paint, then blotted it onto the paper towel to remove any excess paint.

Holding the stencil flat on the box side, I pounced the sponge onto the surface. Super Simple Stencil Project

I didn’t like the bold look of the paint, so I let it dry for a couple minutes then went over it with a damp, clean paper towel to wipe off some of the stenciled paint. In the picture below, you can see on the left is where I wiped it off, and on the right is where I’m still letting the paint dry a few minutes before wiping. I wanted a worn look, so I actually sanded the box and revealed the wood in a few places. Super Simple Stencil Project

On the two ends of the box, I decided to sketch out the words ‘napkins’ and ‘salt and pepper’. I went over the pencil sketch with a black paint marker like this one. (click for shopping link) Super Simple Stencil Project

Here is the caddy all finished. This truly was a super simple stencil project. Perfect size for anyone not having a lot of experience stenciling, and just wants to try it out. Super Simple Stencil Project

The caddy has turned out to be very convenient for holding the napkins, salt and pepper. I love it when a project makes something more useful and looks better to boot!. Super Simple Stencil Project

So, if you win this giveaway, what stencil are you going to pick?? Super Simple Stencil Project

Here are more tips and tutorials:

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  1. Elgie Cloutier says

    This is exciting! I am 83 and have never done stenciling or transferring and really want to learn how to do both, so I was trying to find info when I came across your post. I am anxious to see what else you have to share.

    • Liz says

      So fun Elgie! I’m so glad you found me. ? You’re like my mom and dad, they are in their 80’s and love learning new things too. Good luck in the drawing.

  2. nancy seiss says

    I like the simplicity of the look. And, black and white have always been a favorite color combination for me. I lie awake now dreaming of picking out a stencil for future projects!

  3. Linda says

    Winning a stencil… now who the heck would be so simple minded, bwahahahaha.

    Yes, please do count me in, lol.

  4. Liz Cerce says

    Love that idea ! Would be great in our RV to corral small items like that. Also, liked your choice of stencil, it didn’t overpower the container.

  5. Marie Pearson says

    The distressed look makes it look right at home. What a great idea to have these items “contained” so they look neat and tidy.

  6. Jamie Kidder says

    Something so simple and yet makes a darling Scandinavian statement on your table! Love this idea! Put me in the drawing. Thank you Liz!

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