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I don’t do much decorating for Halloween, do you?

I know some people really get into it. We have a friend that takes time off work to transform his house, both inside and out with amazingly detailed Halloween decor. He creates a spooky scene in the woods beyond his front yard, and has ‘haunted’ tunnels the trick-or-treaters enter through to gain access to the goodies at the front porch. The inside of the house is adorned with all sorts of eerie and mysterious embellishments for the ‘adult’ party. It’s fun and I appreciate the incredible effort he puts forth…

But me? Well, I just want enough Halloween decor to give a little shout out to the holiday, hopefully triggering a few fun memories of trick-or-treating when I was a little girl. But mostly my intention is to give a fun, and not very spooky, look to the house for our grandkids. They range in age from 14 down to almost 1… Though the older ones would love the spooky and scary, the little ones wouldn’t, (me either… yikes!)

Not to mention storage space. I just don’t have a lot of that to spare! So to be able to shove the few decorations into an empty drawer after the holiday, is the perfect amount.

I do love the vintage style Halloween decorations though. They are so charming and sweet! Halloween Centerpiece

A friend of mine was selling this super charming vintage Halloween cat that I was thrilled to snag. I set it up on the top of the old cupboard that sits between the kitchen and dining room.

That cute vintage style cat was the inspiration for the simple Halloween centerpiece I made for the table.

My goal for the Halloween centerpiece, which in our now open floor plan, (You can read more about our whole house renovation here) is visible from the whole main floor including the front entry, was to be Halloween-y, but not too Halloween-y. Ideally the colors would blend with the house decor. This centerpiece will be up for a month, so to do some bright, gaudy style would wind up just being annoying. Halloween Centerpiece

I found these two Cat on a Pumpkin lanterns here, (click it for the shopping link, they’re on sale this week!). I loved the vintage look of them, yes Halloween, but not over the top…

I added a resin white pumpkin and a couple bunches of faux white flowers. Halloween Centerpiece

For a little height I flipped a small basket upside down. I was going to use a chunk of wood, but this was readily available, and I think I actually like it better with the wicker chairs.

Goal accomplished!

Simple, quick, a little shout-out to Halloween, but not too scary. Halloween Centerpiece

This is the scariest thing I have for Halloween: Halloween Centerpiece

Stick your hand in and grab a piece of candy… if you dare…


Those vintage style cats kind of crack me up. (You can just barely see the cat pillow in the background too, a bit of Halloween decor in the living room. :))

Here are more Halloween and fall decorating ideas:

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  1. Kathy Harer says

    Nicely done Liz. And I totally agree with your toned down Halloween decor. The scariest I ever did was some fake cobwebs and a friendly skeleton!

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