Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement

Here’s a quick half hour project…

Making a vintage wicker planter spring arrangement for the front porch!

The vintage wicker planter is a little distressed. It was that way when I bought it, and I kind of love the vintage-ey feel of that distressing. I actually bought it from a friend, back when we lived in our last house, a 100 year old house, (here’s the page with all the renovations on that old house). Anyway, the wicker planter fit in on the front porch there great… now at this house, our late mid-century we’re renovating into a Colonial Revival Farmhouse Cottage style, it fits even better! (here’s the page with all the renovations of this current house!)

Here it is tucked into the front side, right next to the front door.

No, we haven’t finished the porch floor yet… still too cold, (You can read about that and the rest of the front porch renovation here). For now, I’m just ignoring the floor. It’s so ugly, that it almost looks like ‘a plan’. LOL

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement
Vintage wicker planter filled with oasis foam and a few twigs to start.

For the planter arrangement, I filled the metal insert with floram foam, (here is a link, (affiliate) for the type I’m talking about) I prefer this softer foam to easily poke in sticks and faux flowers, (it also will hold water, so you can use it for fresh arrangements too). Then I left in the tall twigs that were in there from the winter arrangement.

Here is my stash of stuff I’m going to make this spring arrangement with:

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement
Wagon full of supplies.

I wanted something sturdy and large to be the main focal point in the arrangement, so went to the storage shed looking for a birdhouse. I came up empty on the birdhouse, (still discovering where we stashed stuff from the move!). But I did find The cement rabbit in the shed. It had been out in the garden at our last house. Once I saw it, I knew that’d be even better than the birdhouse I was looking for!

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement
Filled in with pussy willows and faux twigs with bits of green.

Placing the rabbit on the center right, facing towards the front steps, I then filled in the back with pussy willows and some faux twigs that have little buds of green on them.

Finally it was time for the front fillers…

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement
Strategically placed filler items to look casual but balanced.

There is one cabbage that gets the front center, then a pair of round green topiary balls that set on the left, giving that side some visual weight, but not competing with the rabbit too much. The 3 tall but small faux globe alliums are great behind the rabbit. Then the sweet pea florals just sort of fill in the rest.

My goal with the arrangement is to create a soft, casual look, but have it also feel balanced.

Since this vintage wicker planter spring arrangement is visible from both angles, I wanted to be sure it looked good from both sides, coming up to the front door, as well as going outside from the front door:

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement
From both sides, coming in and going out, planter is still intersting to look at.

Here is the front porch with the vintage wicker planter spring arrangement, (just do like I do and ignore the porch floor for now 😉 ).

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement
A spring welcome!

I’m trying to decide if I can get by with this arrangement for most of the summer or if it will start to look too ‘springy’?

Vintage Wicker Planter Spring Arrangement
A vintage wicker planter with a spring arrangement.

How about you?

Do you try to make arrangements that will last into the next season, or do you love to change them with every season and holiday? I admire that, but it seems that I prefer to re-do it only a couple times a year. I get going on other projects and run out of time and energy to re-do it too much. That’s why I made the window box arrangements with a very basic style and just add to them for Christmas. (you can see the window boxes here)

Here are more Easter and spring ideas:

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  1. sandi magle says

    Lovely…I have the exact same planter on our screened in porch—filled with games, butterfly nets and pirate gear. I just may have to snatch it for the front porch this Spring!

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