Tin Interiors

Tin Interiors

Tin interiors are so popular right now…

It’s easy to see why. There is something that is intriguing about tin when it’s used in an unexpected way. I love it when a full wall is treated with tin, but sometimes that is just a bit too big of a project. Here are a few ideas to bring in a tin interior without having to do a full blown renovation project.

Over the years, I’ve written about tin that either I’ve used inside, or I’ve been inspired by someone else’s decorating with a tin interior.

Here is a great resource to find vintage tin, from single pieces to whole lots! (affiliate link)

You don’t have to have a whole lot of tin for a tin interior effect though…

even if you happen upon a single piece of vintage tin, like this one, there’s a way to use it. I’ve hung a single interesting vintage tin tile as a piece of art on the wall. Or like in this case, I used it as a magnet board: (somehow it looks a little cleaner to have those magnets on a vintage tile than all over the fridge!)

tin interiors

(Here’s the story on this single tile for kitchen magnet board) I love the layers of chippy paint and old tin peeking through on this single tin tile.

Or this one…

This single piece of tin was super long, but it had recently been painted and lacked all the vintage chippy look to it.

single tile for bulletin magnet board 5/6/2015or this one:

My answer was to add a contemporary verdigris treatment in a super easy paint treatment. You can read that full post here: Verdigris finish for single tile for bulletin magnet board

If you are fortunate enough to find a large enough lot of vintage tin, (the rustier, the better!) here are 2 examples of how I’ve seen it used for tin interiors.

Patched together for the ceiling:

tin interiors

and I do mean patched! I love the rustic appeal of it!

In this next example, you can barely see the tin on the far wall of the shower. I didn’t realize how bad the picture was when I took it.

tin interiors


I’d be sure to use a waterproof membrane behind that tin on the shower walls though… like this paint-on waterproof Red-Guard (affiliate link)

If you’re interested in seeing more cool treatments this house has, (and there were soooo many wonderfully creative ideas there) here are the two posts I wrote about it: 7 barn house interior details. and the story of the 7 barn house.

If you’re interested in staying at this house located on the south shore of Lake Superior, you can! It’s available for rent here!! (affiliate) It sleeps 20 and sitting on the south shore, you can imagine the amazing setting.

I’ve also used faux tin tile in a couple of our past houses I’ve worked on… for a vintage tin tile ceiling look.

Here are several choices of faux tin tile. (affiliate)

In this bathroom we used a faux vintage tin tile in a glue up application:

tin interiors

And here is the faux tin tile ceiling in the kitchen at our last house, (it was a drop ceiling)

tin interiors

It’s the best of both worlds… a vintage tin look, but still easy access to the upstairs plumbing.

Here you can read the full post, with before and after of our 100 year old house kitchen redo with tin ceiling. (that’s the house we just moved from to go into our current mid-century house. We’ve done a whole house renovation to this new house now, bringing it to a farmhouse Colonial Revival style house… here is where you can read more on that,)

Even if you can’t find vintage tin, or you’re not a fan of the rusty aged look, there is still a way to get the feeling in a cleaner contemporary way… here is a great product for easy DIY projects…

corrugated tin (faux) affiliate link

tin interiors

It’s faux corrugated tin. It doesn’t have the vintage rusty age to it, but it still offers the fun corrugated texture and it looks pretty darn believable, right?! It’s actually a plastic/resin, lightweight material that’s easy to work with.

So, how about you? Are you a fan of tin interiors? New tin, vintage tin, little accents of tin or whole walls of it? I’d love to hear how you have used tin in the interiors of your place!

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