Bathroom Storage Sale & Bird Clock

bathroom storage sale and bird clock

I’m pretty sure this has to be the biggest month to renovate a bathroom in the US.

Makes sense, right? It’s cold outside, therefore outside projects are pretty limited. The holidays are over and you’re left with that bathroom that has bugged you for so long. Perfect time to redo it before spring projects call us back outside.

I have a friend having her bathroom renovated this month too.

So many places have a bathroom sale during this month.

You can find my favorite go-to online resources on this page: SHOPPING LINKS. If you buy something through one of these links, I thank you because that’s how I keep going here at Simple Decorating Tips, with a very small affiliate commission through the purchase. (which BTW is no extra cost to you, but just a little payment for advertising for them)  I would not encourage you to buy something that I don’t believe in, or that I find faulty in any way. I shop online a lot and I’m picky about good quality home furnishings and good customer service.

In our house that we bought in the fall of 2017, we renovated every single bathroom. They are ‘mostly done’… I haven’t posted on them too much yet, waiting for the finishing touches to get the ‘after’ pictures done. I did post about the lower level apartment bathroom we re-did though. It was a huge transformation too! Basement Apartment Bathroom Renovation Done

How about YOU? Have you been working on a bathroom lately? Even little changes can make a big difference!

In the cottage in Maine, I ‘redid’ the bathroom with a very tiny budget and added some fun character.

Here are more posts I’ve written about bathroom renovations:

For both big and small projects, this bathroom storage sale may be beneficial to all of us. 🙂

Next up is the bird clock…

    The singing bird clock!

Did you know that 2019 is the 20th anniversary of the original Singing Bird Clock? Since it’s release in 1999, they have sold 8,000,000 original singing bird clocks!

bathroom storage sale and bird clock
Singing Bird Clock

Mark Feldstein & Associates contacted me to see if I was interested in them sending me a Singing Bird Clock for a review on my site. Sure! Fun, right?! I love birds, (here is one of my favorite posts I’ve written. It’s about a Blue Jay family we rescued) I think I’d love to hear them chirping at the top of the hour right in my house.

I received the clock the other day, (kind of cute how they have it wrapped in a ‘nest’, isn’t it?:

bathroom storage sale and bird clock
Clock comes packed in a ‘nest’

This clock could be set on a table using the little pop-in stand that it comes with, or hung on the wall. I opted to hang it on the wall in the mudroom.

bathroom storage sale and bird clock
batteries for time and batteries for singing birds

As you can see on the back, there are 2 spots for batteries. The single slot is for the actual clock movement. The double slots are for the birds singing part… so if you wanted to enjoy the look of the clock, but not hear it, you could remove the batteries. However, the singing is not loud or obnoxious and it automatically shuts off at night, controlled by a light sensor built in.

Here is the bird information pamphlet that came with the clock. This will be fun to read through with my grandkids when they’re here and the clocks sings.

bathroom storage sale and bird clock
Information sheet about each bird featured on clock

This clock fits perfect in the mudroom!

bathroom storage sale and bird clock
Looks cute, and sounds sweet!

We have piles of snow and cold outside, so it’s been so fun hearing the ‘bird of the hour’ sing at the top of each hour, and remembering Spring will eventually come again!

HERE is where you can get your own Singing Bird Clock.

Here are some furniture and accessory re-do projects:

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  1. Shirley says

    We inherited a bird clock with the cabin we purchased on Rush Lake in Minnesota. Some of the bird “calls” are kind of irritating sometimes. Fun to hear about where they come from and how many others have them in their homes. Thanks!!

    • Liz says

      Thanks for your input Shirley… I actually wonder if the clock has been redone a little since the original ones. It’s either that or because ours is located a little far from the the main room, but it’s not at all annoying. (and I’m kind of sensitive to sensory things)

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