Top 10 Posts of 2018

Here are the top 10 posts of the past 12 months.

As of today, there are 449 posts published on Simple Decorating Tips!

Of those 449 posts, here are the 10 posts that people visited the most over the past year.

Some of the most visited posts over the past 12 months are from a few years ago, but they seem to have hit a market that people need tips with. I’m thrilled that some of the things I’ve written are still helping people! That’s why I’m here writing… to help you have confidence in your decorating, DIY-ing, gardening etc. It’s not like I know everything there is to know about all these subjects, but I’m not afraid to find out, and I want to encourage you to feel that way as well.


Starting at the bottom of the list, ending with the most popular at the end of this post. The 10th most popular post on Simple Decorating Tips in the past 12 months has been the post featuring my son and daughter-in-law’s kitchen. (their exposed brick chimney was another hugely popular post this year as well… it’s #7) They took their 1970’s plain jane house and turned it into an beautiful open concept with a farmhouse flair. Their kitchen now is one of most beautiful kitchens I’ve ever been in! In fact, I love it so much, I currently have it as the background pic featured on this site! THE KITCHEN REDO!!


This is a post well visited because many people are interested in installing luxury plank flooring. (We’re still thrilled with ours, but not all are created equal… be sure to get the good stuff… I give you shopping links in #9’s post too) Luxury Vinyl Planks


I wrote this post during the remodeling of our whole house… but the basement apartment was done and I showed you the process we went through when we renovated the bathroom in the basement apartment. (we lived in that apartment while the rest of the house was getting done) Basement Apartment Bathroom Renovation Done


Who doesn’t want to have an exposed brick chimney in their house?! Well, just because some of us don’t have an exposed brick chimney doesn’t mean we can’t have one! Here’s how my son created one in their 1970’s house! Exposed Brick Chimney


This is still a very popular post because if you have a hydrangea tree, you want to know how to prune it, right?!


This is a great tip to save you from going bonkers trying to get pictures lined up perfectly!

Hang a Group of Pictures with even spacing


This is just a great household tip that shows where there’s a will, there’s a way…

How to Mount a Shelf When There's No Stud


This is a very popular post. It gets found mostly through Google searches. I guess I’m not the only person trying to extend the length of a chandelier!


I think this one is so popular because let’s face it, don’t we all hate popcorn ceilings and want to rid ourselves of them?! changing popcorn ceilings to knockdown


Okay, so it’s not much of a surprise because this has been the most popular post on this site pretty much since the day I wrote it. (I feel fortunate because it got pinned with some pretty popular Pinterest accounts and has totally taken off since then!)


The number 1 most visited post in the past 12 months still is:

So I’m curious, have you already read all these posts in the past?

Hey, since we’re talking about what you’re reading on this site… is there anything in particular that you’d like me to post about or focus more on?

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  1. Sandi Magle says

    I can see why these posts would be popular. They HELP—and isn’t that what we are all here for—to share and help and have fun doing it. Have a great New Year.

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