So Busy Renovating…

UPDATE! Be sure to check the end of this post for an update on this whole house renovation! Renovating Update Post

I wasn’t able to post last week because I just didn’t have time to due to being so busy renovating…

I still don’t have time, but I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t here…

I’m here and trying not to panic over the timeline set for things to get done before the wood floor goes in as scheduled the end of next week!


It seemed like a solid goal, not too lofty…

but in reality, it’s going to take a lot of hours of my carpenter getting many projects finished, and many hours of me caulking and painting after that!

The title page of this post gives you a peek at the new tile in the hall bathroom… I’m loving it!

(I found this gorgeous tile here!)

It still needs to be grouted before the wood floor goes in. I’ll share the before and after of this bathroom post with you soon.

Last week I painted the brick on the fireplace… Renovating Update Post

that’ll be a whole post explaining why and how, but the top still needs a custom wood chase/mantle to be built and painted, hopefully before the new wood floors are installed all around it…

As well as the tile around the hearth… it is installed, but needs to be grouted before the wood floor goes in.

We have beautiful Pickwick paneling going in the entire hearth room and kitchen area…

I’m so excited to show you that when it’s done. Today I hope to get it mostly sanded, caulked and primed… Hopefully painted by the middle of the week. (I’m just not as fast a painter as I once was…)

I spend last Sunday painting several layers on the custom kitchen island… Renovating Update Post

Trying to achieve an antique mercantile look for it. I’m super happy with the results and can’t wait to share it with you, but that too will take time in another post.

I’ve been priming and painting many walls,

just behind our friend who’s been painting the ceilings for us… (I can’t do ceilings anymore, messes up my neck too bad), I’m so thankful he’s willing and able!

Besides the kitchen island, we have many custom additions to the kitchen cabinets, that all needed constructing, and then painting…. Renovating Update Post

After 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint,

I wasn’t pleased with the rough texture compared to the wonderfully smooth satiny finish of the factory sprayed doors.

My carpenter, (who knows pretty much everything about anything to do with construction and finishing a house!) gave me a few tips to wet sand the cabinets.

Saturday morning was the wet-sanding and repainting the custom work on the cabinets project.

The wet-sanding seemed to work, but I haven’t touched the cabinets since I painted them another coat after wet-sanding them. As soon as I’m done writing this, I’m going up there to check it out. (I’ll share the process and outcome with you in a different post)

The kitchen counters are going to be installed Monday morning… (I’m writing this post on Sunday) We went with granite. Excited to see it!! I’ll give you a peek later!

I had to work quickly on Saturday morning though because, after the cabinet project, Renovating update

we picked up our grandkids to walk in the St. Patrick’s Day parade with friends… (so much fun!!)

I really want to get done renovating, so that I can get back to my life again… This is trying to fill my entire existence, but I not going to let it…

I just have to get done painting before the deadline… 🙂

Here are all the post on this whole house renovation, including this bathroom all finished:

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