Vanity Sconce Lighting

There are just about a zillion wall sconces available, that’s not the issue… the question is where and how to mount them over the vanity for proper lighting? Vanity Sconce Lighting

Here are some tips for hanging vanity sconce lighting.

Over the many years of renovating bathrooms, I have figured out and have been inspired with many different creative vanity sconce lighting mounting resolutions.

Tip #1: Read the specs on each light to be sure it will have the depth you need.

Below is a picture from our master bathroom in our old, old house… (that’s 2 houses ago!) We renovated that bathroom a few years before we sold the house. Vanity Sconce Lighting

The medicine cabinet stuck out from the wall about 5 inches or so…  I searched for lights that would stick out enough so that the lightbulbs would go beyond that depth. (click here to see the before and after post of this master bathroom vanity in our old, old house)

The medicine cabinet in the powder room of our 100 year old house,  (that was 1 house ago) was very shallow: Vanity Sconce Lighting

So this reproduction wall sconce from Rejuvenation worked just great as it didn’t need a super deep light. (to read the post on renovating this powder room bathroom in our former 100 year old house click here)

Tip #2 Mount the light on a mounting box.

In the master bathroom in that same 100 year old house, we had a pair of surface mounted medicine cabinets from Pottery Barn: Vanity Sconce Lighting

The lights that I liked were not deep enough and they were a little too long to fit in the space above the medicine cabinets. No worries, my contractor built a hollow mounting box to bring them out just enough to clear the cabinet. (here’s a link to see that whole bathroom renovation in our former 100 year old house)

Another mounting box of sorts is this one he cut out of a 2 x 6 for the bathroom in a little brick cottage we restored a few years ago: Vanity Sconce Lighting

He cut it in the same contour as the backplate of the light, just a little larger. It was just enough to bring it forward to clear the medicine cabinet. (here is the post with the total before and after of this little brick cottage bathroom renovation)

One more example of a mounting box is in the basement apartment bathroom of the house we are currently living in. (and renovating): Vanity Sconce Lighting

For this one, he cut 3 boards, each a little smaller than the one before it, creating a staggered effect when all stacked together. (here’s a link to see the whole basement apartment bathroom renovation we just got done with)

Tip #3 Mount the light directly on the mirror.

Once we determined where the sconces were to be hung and the electrician mounted the boxes for them, the glass company could come in and do their final measurements for creating a custom mirror: Vanity Sconce LightingThis was the treatment we chose for the ‘Modern Swedish Farmhouse’ condo renovation. By having the mirror from the counter to the ceiling, it benefited the bathroom a spacious feel. (here’s a link to see that entire modern Swedish farmhouse condo bathroom renovation)

Tip #4 Do what they used to do.

It’s always a good idea to at least refer to the classic styling… even if only for reference or to glean from yet put my own modern spin on. This is a beautiful example of a traditional wall mounted sconce next to a medicine cabinet: Vanity Sconce Lighting

Typically there would be one on each side, flanking the mirror, but looks like they didn’t have room here. I took this picture of this beautiful spa room in a B&B we stayed at in Stillwater, MN. Their use of stained glass was stunning throughout the mansion! (To see my post with many highlights of this mansion, including gorgeous hand painted wallpaper, click here)

Tip #5 Just change the globes.

Maybe the whole sconce lighting doesn’t need to be changed… Maybe it just needs a little refreshing with spray paint or just the glass globes: Vanity Sconce Lighting

The sconce in the Maine Cottage bathroom was totally fine… I just didn’t care for the Victorian style globes. This bathroom, as the whole cottage, was a nautical cottage style. I found these plain white globes at Home Depot and they worked great. (to see the before and the rest of this Maine nautical cottage bathroom, click here)

Tip #6 Create a whole board for mounting the vanity sconce lighting to!

This is another inspiration pic for me. I took it while visiting the Stonewall Kitchen home store in York, Maine: Vanity Sconce Lighting

I love the wood plank backer board they used to frame the whole vanity area. I’m not sure if this was a total custom design or if this cool steel rod and wood plank vanity is available… (I’ve never seen it for sale anywhere, have you?) but I think between my contractor and my friend that is a custom steel craftsman, we could create a similar style… Can you tell I’m thinking about it for one of the bathrooms in our whole house renovation we’re currently working on? 🙂 (to see the post I wrote featuring a daytrip to Stonewall Kitchen, click here)

(To go directly to Stonewall Kitchen’s website and buy some yummy jelly, jams or sauces, click here!!)

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Here are some great examples of super cute vanity sconces: Wouldn’t this one be so charming flanking both sides of the mirror, (I love the vintage industrial feel it has)?! Or how about this barn style light for hanging over the mirror? Brass is a classic… isn’t this vintage brass finish great on this sconce? The thick glass globes on this over mirror sconce is really charming to me. Did you know these very vintage looking sconces were available new? This is a classic style for flanking the mirror with.

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