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Since I’ve been writing a DIY and decorating blog, we’ve lived in 3 different houses! The current house we just moved into in September and are in full blown renovation inside and out… so sadly there won’t be an outdoor nativity displayed here this year. But my head is already thinking about how and where I’ll display it for next year! outdoor nativity display tips

Tips for Displaying the Nativity

Here are some outdoor nativity display tips I’ve learned over the years…

At our former, former house… the one in the country we displayed the outdoor nativity in the back yard, next to one of the large spruce trees. outdoor nativity display tips

The First Shed is Now Gone

The actual nativity shed we made with some logs my husband cut down and I painted some faux barn boards on the back of the thin plywood we used for the back and top. That was fine for the 17 years we used it in the country… But when it was time to move to town, the old logs just gave out and fell apart. They had worked for many years though… One of the issues was that each year we screwed new holes in them when the outdoor nativity shed was re-assembled. This just gave more room for decay to find it’s way into the multiple holes in the logs.

Our 2nd Shed Made from Pallet Wood

Once we moved to town, we built a new nativity shed from a big pallet that had wide boards on it… outdoor nativity display tips

It really was more of a packing crate of some sort…

but the wide rough sawn boards were perfect for this project!

It really was more of a packing crate of some sort... but the wide rough sawn boards were perfect for this project! 

On the Porch was Just OK

At our former house in town… a 100 year old house, there was a huge front porch, and the first year we set it up there on the porch.

Hmmm... I wonder where I will put the nativity at our new house?

That was OK, but not great looking… We had to boost it up high enough to clear the front concrete walls of the porch… You can read more about that display and details on how we made the nativity shed from pallet wood. (one big tip was to drill holes and reuse those same holes each year with bolts!)

Log Fence Addition

Then I found this little log fence… Outdoor Nativity

It was perfect. Even though the outdoor nativity would sit close to the sidewalk, the little log fence gave just enough of a border to stop folks from wandering too close, but didn’t block the view to the nativity.

The log fence comes in 3 parts… You can find them here: the rails, the in-line posts, and the end posts.

They could easily be set up with the nativity and taken down after Christmas because of the spikes in the bottom of the logs that just simply poke in the ground… or snow if there is any that year.

I really liked this display in the front yard next to the crab apple tree, with the log fence the best!

Our New House

Hmmm… I wonder where I will put the nativity at our new house? Outdoor Nativity

Here’s a picture I took last week with the front of the house boasting some multiple colored siding… (that will be changed next summer) some new windows, (still some to go in the garage side) a new front door, and a big new front porch, still to be finished.

Once the house is painted and all the details are done, it’ll be more inviting for an outdoor nativity…

This year, it’s like my friend said about our new house, right now it kind of looks like a war-zone… Yikes, not so Christmas-y, right?!

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  1. Mary says

    Liz if only more people would do this. I sometimes feel like we forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I am on the hunt for a nativity but they are expensive. Maybe after the holidays I can get one on sale.

    • Liz says

      Yes Mary, I love seeing nativities! I bought this set at Sam’s Club many years ago… it was so pretty and detailed and on special for around $200… It’s nice and heavy too so the wind doesn’t blow it around. Good luck on your search!

  2. Kathy A says

    Your Nativity set in absolutely gorgeous; I hope you find a place to put it this year, even if it only the 3 basic pieces!
    Twenty-five+ years ago, I decided I wanted to put more Christ in Christmas. I bought the light-up Mary, Joseph, and Jesus caz it’s what I could afford at the time. I wrapped clear lights around 2 maple trees and made a shed roof outline with the lights. All my “summer” lawn ornament animals–rabbit, squirrel, chipmunks, raccoons, even the flamingos gathered round to adore Baby Jesus. The boyfriend, at the time, crested the hill to my house and saw all the lights. “What’s with all the lights? It makes the yard look like a used car lot.” So the Nativity was subtitled “Baby Jesus’ Used Car Lot.” In succeeding years, the location has moved; there are now 3 kings, each with their own camel, a star, donkeys, a sheep, shepherd, and 2 angels. A few yard animals still attend. No Santa in the yard; he has a window! It is one of the few Nativity sets I have seen in our small town. I still smile every time I see it lit up!

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