Luxury Vinyl Planks Luxury Vinyl Planks

For the basement apartment, we’re installing this new flooring product… they’re called luxury vinyl planks, and I’m super excited about them, here’s why…

On the last post, I showed you the hallway with the newly sheetrocked and painted walls with the partially finished flooring: Luxury Vinyl Planks

I’m not sure how long luxury vinyl planks have been around, but they’re new to me in just the last few months.

This is the box that shows the layers that comprise each plank: (here is the link for this exact luxury vinyl plank flooring) affiliate link Luxury Vinyl Planks

The attached backing is a thin layer that feels like rubber. If you’ve ever installed laminate flooring, you know that to have an attached backing saves time and is nicer than having to lay down the thin foam on the floor first. Luxury Vinyl Planks

The thing that I’m so excited about with this floor is that it is 100% waterproof. I love that feature! I’ve had engineered wood floor and normal laminate floor, and as durable as they are, they clearly state you need to be very careful with water spills. That’s stressful! So nice that this vinyl floor isn’t stressful maintenance like that.

Here are the tools my carpenter used for installing… along with a saw for cutting around little corners etc. Luxury Vinyl Planks

For the major divots, he first used durabond for those areas, to make the floor level. But so nice that the old tile on the floor didn’t need to come out. Luxury Vinyl Planks

Depending on each situation, the vinyl floor instructions are to either go under or next to. For example, the bathroom vanity with an open bottom needs the vinyl floor installed 1st. Luxury Vinyl Planks

The instructions also explain how to go right next to the toilet flange in the floor: Luxury Vinyl Planks

The kitchen base cabinets went in first, then the luxury vinyl planks almost butt up to them.

The baseboard trim gets installed after the floor is in, and will cover that little gap needed for expansion: Luxury Vinyl Planks

I chose the Sterling Oak color, but this Lifeproof brand of luxury vinyl flooring does come in a few other colors too. Here’s the link for it: Lifeproof luxury vinyl plank flooring.

I think I’m going to use this same exact product on the other basement side, (that we’re incorporating into the main house) as well as for the mudroom addition on the main level. It’s very cost effective and durable and looks great.

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  1. Melissa says

    Is the Sterling oak color a true gray or more of a beige-gray color? It is hard to tell in pictures, but it is certainly beautiful in your home!

  2. Mary Bertch-Gardner says

    Looks great! We installed Vinyl Plank in our basement bathroom several years ago and love it. It still looks new. This weekend we are installing Luxury Vinyl Tile in our kitchen. LVT is the same kind of product, but looks like tile instead of hardwood. The best part is, we don’t have to take out the existing flooring, it can be installed right on top of what’s already there and will be waterproof when done. I am very excited for this weekends install!

    • Liz says

      Hmmm… interesting question Cathy. Maybe I could see using it as a counter in the laundry room or craft room etc. I wouldn’t think of it as a main kitchen counter… but that’s just me. ? One thing that you’d want to take in to account is that the surface of the planks have a faux wood grain with the grooves and all. On a kitchen counter that seems like it would impede getting all the “germy stuff” out of those little crevices.
      Let us hear what you do and if it worked well, when you get to that point.

  3. Marlene Reese says

    I was wondering if these vinyl floors create static shocks as you walk across them. I am considering installing it throughout my whole house. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  4. jeannette mcquaid says

    My husband and I just installed this type of flooring in our kitchen and hallway. If you’re a modestly spunky DIYer, you can put this flooring in without paying an installer.

  5. Linda Freeman says

    Removed carpet and inserted vinyl plank flooring throughout the house. We are a busy family with 3 pets and dramatic weather changes (hot summers and cold, snowy winters). This flooring met all challenges! Had to replace one plank which got cut by a piece of furniture and had no problem. I kept about 10 planks for future repairs and use-just in case. It is great, waterproof, low maintenance, and wears well.

  6. Sandi Magle says

    We have had this or a similar vinyl plank in our basement for 5 years, and last year put it through the whole house, including the kitchen. At first we were just going to put it in our kitchen and hardwood through the rest, but were so happy with the appearance—and the track record of the basement. You will love it, especially the reduced sound and it still feels like wood on bare feet, and so far—no problems! Enjoy!

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