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Did you notice the new header picture?

It used to be this picture: New Header Picture on the Blog

That was a picture of our 100 year old house that we just moved out of. I didn’t think it was very relevant to have it as the blog header, since we no longer even own the house… You can still read all about our renovating that wonderful 100 year old house here

We’re on to new endeavors with our new house, a Mid-Century turned Colonial Revival. It’s a project, and currently I don’t think I could find much very to take a picture of with it as the subject matter that is attractive to me or you, let alone to actually want it as a header picture.

That’s how renovations go for a while… You’re crazy busy but at the end of the day it seems there’s just a bigger mess than when you started. The old ‘one thing leads to another‘ and ‘well since we’re doing that, might as well take care of this too‘…

This is a picture of our new house from this last Spring, before we actually owned it:

Introducing Our New House

Not my favorite look…


just wait…

I hope that when the renovation is finished it’ll be charming and will be worthy to be the new header picture.

I love Colonial Revival style… It’s a classic style that’s influenced home design from the late 1800’s through the 1950’s. Colonial Revival flows nicely into cottage style too, which is where this house will be once it’s completed… somewhere between the mid-century Colonial Revival style (think Leave it to Beaver) and the good old relaxed American Cottage style.

I’m aiming for this house to be wonderfully comfy and relaxed in it’s styling and function.

Until then, I made one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken into the header.

So I changed it to this new header picture: New Header Picture on the Blog

This is the real picture, before doing any funky computer changes to it: about the new header picture

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you maybe remember where and why I took this picture. It was up a curvy road around Seal Harbor, Maine in the general vicinity of Martha Stewart’s famous home ‘Skylands’, originally built by Henry Ford. (if you missed that post, you can read all about that adventure and see some lovely examples of Mount Desert Island homes here)

That’s not why it’s one of my favorite pictures though.

It was a magical place. We slowly drove up the winding path and quietly took in the scenery.

The trees, mostly all tall spruce or cedar had little or no lower branches, leaving a clear view into the woods. The entire forest floor was covered with moss and ferns. It was so peaceful as the cool air whispered through the tree trunks.

I would describe it as a life-sized fairy garden… Absolutely stunning in its quiet way.

So even though I’m in the thick of renovating and living in the mess… I still can be carried away, mentally at least, by the memories of this secret woods.

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