Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

We love to go to Maine in the summer. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

All of you that are married for any length of time will get this… Though my husband and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary, we still have remained very different from each other! We are unique individuals, just as you all are from each other, right?  In fact, I’d say the two of us are pretty much the opposite of each other.

To give you an idea, here are some of the things we differ in: food preferences, the love (or dislike) of dogs, being busy all the time (or being sure to fit in quiet time each day), crowds (or sheer panic in large groups), finding enjoyment in being alone, (or the love of talking in public), and here’s a hot topic for most people in America these days, let alone married people… we differ in politics!

But with all those differences in our personalities and tastes, we do have a few things that we are alike on… the biggest thing we are the same on is we both deeply love the same people. We passionately love God, our family, our kids and grand kids so much that I think it is that love that continually grows our bonds with each other even stronger… (even if we disagree about politics or when or what to eat for dinner!)  Oh, and one more thing, (ha ha, kind of a big one…) we also deeply love each other and are fully committed to each other.

This is all leading up to Maine!

As amazingly different as the two of us are, we both love Maine too. The southern coast of Maine, to be more specific. Really, what’s not to love about it? One of my favorite things, besides the ocean, is the historical homes and attention to detail on homes, new and old. I find I can glean so much from the details I see in the architecture in Maine.

The last couple of years I’ve posted some of my favorite houses and cottages that struck me at the time… (here’s the link where you can find all those posts from prior years) there are so many, it’s hard to pick, but here are the ones that I felt inspired by this year. (…and was able to get a decent pictures of)

This year, most are all on the southern coast, around Kennebunkport area with a couple that are by Boothbay Harbor, which is considered mid-coast Maine.

So without further ado, here are my top 20 coastal Maine houses & cottages 2017. See what you can glean from them. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This ranch style in Cape Porpoise just went through a beautiful renovation by Tim Harrington, one of the sort of local ‘re-do celebrities’. Mr. Harrington is famous for buying and renovating many properties and businesses in the Kennebunkport area. This house is one of the homes that is inspiring the renovation project at our 1970’s project house.  I was by this house many times before the renovation, and it was not the cute charming home it is now, albeit the setting is amazing sitting directly on the coast! (you can read more about this lovely redo here at Maine Home and Design)

There is always something about symmetrical gable peaks, (periwinkle) shutters, and those cute screen doors that get me.

The simple detail on the wrap around porch!

So many cute details with this house that sits on the beach.

Here’s an old one from 1774. So many of these super old homes have the additions added to additions like this one. Oh and who knows about the painted black and white chimneys? I love the look of them, and wanted to do that at our house, but when  I found out what they used to mean, I’m not sure. Tell me if you know what the paint treatment is significant of… and if you think I should do it anyway on our new house!

This one I loved the front door to… among other things.

One foggy day I was inspired by this whole row of houses that sit across the road from the rocky coast on the ocean by Biddeford Pool. The one in the center of the picture with that sort of lighthouse looking tower is the same house whose carriage house I included in this featured: Garages and Sheds, (it’s the grey one with the red doors) Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This charming antique cape style cottage has that black and white painted chimney! (Do you know yet what that used to mean?) Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017


Words seem to dirty up the quiet loveliness of the early morning ocean mist encircling this house with it’s charming cottage style landscaping. One can only imagine spending time on that bench taking in the views of the waves of the water beyond the seawall. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This house dates to 1774. It’s a classic, and it’s symmetry is perfect. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This huge old house in Kennebunkport, sits up on the hill overlooking the ocean. It’s one of, if not the oldest houses in Kennebunkport. I love how people appreciate their old structures in New England… enough to make sacrifices to maintain them. This house has obviously been beautifully cared for. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

Many houses in Maine on the coast are white… but surprisingly enough, many are shades of black too! Like this one. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

Here was another charming door… Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This gorgeous home sits on several acres by Boothbay Harbor, and has always been one of my favorites. It is a stunning property! Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

Quintessential coastal Maine… shingle style house, wood shutters, Adirondack chairs, rock wall, pine trees and rose hips… (and of course the ocean sits across the road!)

We’re up to #17: Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This totally charming cottage was a restaurant for years in the heart of Cape Porpoise! Last year Tim Harrington bought it and completely had it renovated to become this charmer. The transformation from a restaurant to this cottage is amazing. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This gorgeous shingle style home sits on the coast by York, Maine. Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

Even though this yellow one was having some extensive yard work done, I wanted to share it because of how charming those side porch arches are. Isn’t that a cute detail?

Which brings me to the last one of my top 20 coastal Maine houses & cottages 2017: Coastal Maine Houses & Cottages 2017

This beautiful setting is the top of the cove in Cape Porpoise where the road and sidewalk curve around it to make its way to the pier. The setting is every bit as charming as the house… and carriage house/boat house too.

There is one more that I’m purposely not sharing with you… yet.

I’m selfishly guarding it to reveal it with the post about our new 1970’s house, because though I find inspiration in many of these houses, the one I’m keeping from you until just the right time is the greatest inspiration to me for this next project. So stay tuned…

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