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Yay! It looks like we sold our house… by ourselves! So bear with with me, my posts have been few and far between, but in the summer most everyone is busy and away from their computers anyway, right?

I’m thinking about writing an e-book on how to sell your house yourself. I do have some great tips I’ve learned throughout this process. It is a lot of work though.

Long story, short… We’ll be moving from our 100 year old house into a 1970’s something house… and of course we’ll be renovating, remodeling and re-doing that one. I’m super excited!!! But super busy!!!

(If you missed the pre-listing post I wrote right before we listed our 100 year old house FSBO, you can check out that post here: “Our 100 year old house pre-listing listing

It’s been a lot of work. Cleaning, sorting, cleaning out and staging this house for the buyers, and for the appraisal… (Please pray with me that the appraisal goes well, it certainly should but those dang ‘comps’ and how the appraiser interprets them can always give worry to a seller!) and once that appraisal is done, then packing and moving stuff into storage until our next place is renovated and we can move into the main part of the house.

We are going to miss this grand old house that we’ve worked so hard on renovating over the past 3 years, but I am super happy for the family moving in. They have 4 kids and that’s really what this house needs… a family. It’s just my husband and me puttering around here, and though we love this place, there are rooms, not to mention whole floors that barely get used. Plus, as you’ve probably figured out, I have a huge passion for re-do needing properties to transform them into spaces that work efficiently, and look beautiful. That’s my plan for the next property… to revamp it into the vision I can see in my head.

We’re so fortunate that the place we’re buying has an apartment in the lower level that we’ll be able to live in while renovating the main house. That relieves a lot of stress and renovating time pressure.

I’ll keep you up-dated as we go along. Is there any special detail or room or garden space in this 100 year old house you’d like me to post about before we move out? If so, be sure to comment below and request it ASAP! 🙂

In the mean time, feel free to visit my ‘shopping page‘ often for links to my most used online shopping places. I sure will be visiting it as I’m ordering things for the new remodel! (I’ll keep updating links for more places as I discover them!)

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  1. Donnamae says

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you…but, I’m secretly saying, congratulations. Excited that you are renovating a 70’s house. Our 70’s house has been somewhat redone….but I can always use more ideas. Happy 4th! 😉

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