DIY Hanging Lanterns Greenery

Today, I thought it’d be fun to change it up a little on the blog… I’ve put together a video slideshow, with background Christmas music and all, for you to see how I created these DIY hanging lanterns greenery. Hanging Lanterns Greenery

Just a little background on the hanging lanterns…

Last year I had these same hanging lanterns, but with a different style greenery around them hanging on the front porch. (you can check out the post from last year showing the hanging lanterns here)

Long story short, I didn’t save the forms, and the place I bought them doesn’t sell them anymore. After checking a couple places, I decided to just go a different route with the look… a hanging lanterns greenery look with more of a look of the lanterns sitting on a wreath of greenery.

You’ll see in the video slideshow below, I still had piles of greenery to use for these hanging lanterns… (if you missed it, check out this post on a tip where you can get greenery for free)

Once I visualized how I wanted the greenery to look, like a wreath of sorts under the lantern, I had to think how to actually do it and make it sturdy swinging around in the wind on the open front porch. I did figure out a way to create the look and realized that next time I’d do some things a little differently… But for the most part, I’m happy with the look and so far the hanging lanterns greenery has stayed together, even through some pretty strong winds we’ve had the past week.

Also, check out the shopping links at the bottom of this post for some really cute lanterns to make these with.

So here it is, if you have any questions about how I created the hanging lantern greenery, be sure to comment below!

I recommend clicking ‘full screen view’ once you start the video slideshow, to be able to see the details of the pictures. 

So, what would I do differently next time when I’m creating these hanging lanterns greenery???

Well, I added the black felt around the white styrofoam to camouflage the stark white styrofoam from showing through the greenery… BUT, the hot glue holding it together made for a painful job of pushing the floral pins into the styrofoam to hold the greenery. Next time, I’d skip the hot glue and only use floral pins for the felt or spray paint the styrofoam black.

Shopping link:

Hanging Lanterns (wish I found this style before I bought the ones I have!)

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