Martha Stewart Could be Here!

This is Seal Harbor… part of Mount Desert Island, the same island with perhaps the better known town of Bar Harbor. This famous island on the northern coast of Maine is also the summer home of Martha Stewart. We went in search of a chance meeting with Martha and a peek at her famous house. Here’s what we found: martha-stewart-could-live-here

Isn’t this shingle house so pretty? martha-stewart-could-live-here

Well, it’s not Martha’s.

Take a look at this one: martha-stewart-could-live-here

I love the looks of this huge brown shingle style home.

Sorry, it’s not Martha’s house in Seal Harbor either… Both of those houses were in Bar Harbor.

Since we’re talking about Bar Harbor, here are a couple quick pics of the downtown area. martha-stewart-could-live-here

It looked really fun and cute, even on a super cloudy day, (usually the type of weather we go on day trips with, sunny days are for beach days)

Here’s another street in Bar Harbor: martha-stewart-could-live-here

Moving around the island to Seal Harbor, we happened upon this charming church: martha-stewart-could-live-here

Or it could have been Northeast Harbor, there are a lot of ‘harbors’ there and nothing is clearly marked, not even on the map, so I’m not positive which neighborhood it is in.

This is Seal Harbor: (I think) martha-stewart-could-live-here

It was actually much smaller than I expected.

I read in Architectural Digest on a spread they did about Martha’s house, ‘Skylands’, originally built by Edsel Ford, that it sits up above with a view down to Seal Harbor.

So looking across Seal Harbor, (again assuming it is Seal Harbor) back up the hill, one of those houses should be Martha’s! martha-stewart-could-live-here

As we headed up that hill in search of ‘Skylands’ it was a beautiful drive.

The heavy woods lend the land to a beautiful landscape of ferns: martha-stewart-could-live-here

and moss: martha-stewart-could-live-here

In fact this whole forest above Seal Harbor was stunning in it’s natural mossy landscape. It felt like a huge fairy garden. I can see why Martha loves her faux bois… it totally fits in this setting!

So, we’re finally there…

Ok, I really don’t know for sure…

I think this may or may not be the entrance for Skylands. martha-stewart-could-live-here

It was tastefully done, in an understated way, with the plantings and rocks beautifully blending in with the landscape. The pair of lights flanking the driveway were in a 1920’s era style, so that could certainly fit with Skylands, the summer home of Martha Stewart, which was built in the mid 20’s.

It seemed like it really could have been the entrance to her house. The map was a little confusing, and her address, which was pretty hard to find, is a bit cryptic, which you can certainly understand.

The whole time we were looking for her house, (which was actually more about seeing the Bar Harbor and Seal Harbor area, than searching for her house… we just did that for a fun little drive up the hill.) but the whole time, I didn’t for a second feel envious of her millions, (billions?) in fact, quite the opposite… I felt sorry for her having to guard herself from people… that threat and concern that would never let one rest peacefully. No thanks! I would never want to be famous like that…

Click here if you’d like to read a little from Martha about her doing some decorating at Skylands.

Once we were done in the Bar Harbor and Seal Harbor area, and headed back out of town, we were getting hungry for dinner.

We found this charming restaurant on the water. It had a fun. old style ‘supper club’ feeling to it. martha-stewart-could-live-here

That smaller building on the left is the ‘lobster kitchen’. That’s where a wood fire keeps the water boiling and they cook up the lobsters for the restaurant orders.

The restaurant has tons of windows as you can see that look out on the water. martha-stewart-could-live-here

This cute vintage sign was on the outside of the restaurant wall as we walked in.

Even though lobster are now regulated for size and sex etc. there are these amazing trophies we see every now and then: martha-stewart-could-live-here

Can you imagine the size of the lobster that belonged to these claws?!!

Though we didn’t hike around much, most people come to Mount Desert Island, not to search for Martha Stewart’s driveway, but for this: martha-stewart-could-live-here

Yup… to go to Acadia National Park. martha-stewart-could-live-here

The landscape in Bar Harbor and all the other neighborhood ‘harbors’ was beautiful and pretty different than the landscape in Southern Maine where we usually are. It was a fun day trip…

Maybe next time we’ll stay longer, and maybe we’ll even happen to run into Martha! 🙂

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  1. Evelynn Curley says

    oh my gawd, I LOVE MAINE!! My hubby and I have been up there twice and it’s just so beautiful, quaint, and charming!! I would move there in a minute if I could. Love your pics! Now I want to go to Bar Harbor. 🙂

  2. Judy says

    A few years ago, on a tour of Acadia, the guide pointed out the entrance to her home. I have a picture of it. I took the same tour a few days ago, and nothing was said. Maybe she’s tired of people gawking! Today I’m leaving Maine, going home. So sad that my vacation in this beautiful area is over!

    • Liz says

      Oh I know, I’m always sad when I have to leave Maine too, to go home. So, I’m so curious, is it the same picture you have that I took?!

  3. Elaine says

    I went to Acadia many years ago and thought Bar Harbor was the cutest town. 35 years ago parking was impossible. Bet it’s not better today. I would love to go back sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lincluden Cottage Life says

    I absolutely love Maine! We visited Portland, Old Orchard Beach and Kennebunkport in the Summer and will be back in Northern Maine in a few weeks to pick up a puppy! Thank you for the wonderful tour. Hoping to visit Bar Harbour next year! Maybe I will spot Martha?! 😉

    • Liz says

      Isn’t it fun his each town in Maine has its own personality.. like the 3 you mentioned, Portland, OOB and KPT within 30 Mike’s of each other, and yet each with such different flavors. 🙂 I can’t imagine getting tired of visiting around Maine… ever! Thanks for stopping by… Good luck with the new puppy!

  5. Donnamae says

    Thanks for the tour….Maine is on my bucket list…one of these falls I imagine! Lovely entrance to someone’s property! 😉

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