Goose Rocks Beach Goose Rocks Beach
This is an entrance to one of our favorite places on the earth… Through this narrow sandy path is found the¬†ability to soothe one’s spirit…

Seriously, what is better to calm, soothe and refresh one’s spirit than a walk, (or sit ūüėČ ) at the beach, just taking in God’s handiwork, as He speaks to our inner most being through it? Goose Rocks BeachOnce we cross over that sandy pathway berm, the world seems to change…

Before us is an open view of the Atlantic coast.

A deep breath, for the air has changed to something that only can be understood when you’re at the sea.

Hearing the rhythmic waves and seagull calls…

And suddenly… all is well… as the worries of the day quickly fade. Goose Rocks BeachAt Goose Rocks Beach, there are 3 miles of sandy beach to offer… Goose Rocks Beach

plenty of room for walking and sand castle building. Goose Rocks BeachThe boats moored just off shore are a fun part of the scenery.

As are the coastal cottages and houses all along the beach, each sporting their own unique look. Some are fairly large, but most are small to average sized houses. Goose Rocks Beach

Sprinkled in between the seasonal cottages are homes with year round residents.

The styles vary from traditional coastal New England shingle style, to simple beach cottage styles, to contemporary styles… In our family, we all have our favorites we take note of as we walk along.

The sand is so much fun to play in… Goose Rocks Beach

and dig for treasure…

but knowing the tide schedule for the day helps to know how soon your sand castle creation will be reclaimed by the sea. Goose Rocks Beach

At high tide the waves are much larger, and the beach is much smaller…

I would love for you to get a little better glimpse of why this my favorite place…

So if you’re not planning a trip to GRB this summer, or even if you are, here’s a way to experience a little bit of it… a video I shot of it last summer on an early morning walk at low tide… There are two rivers, one on each side of the beach that feed into the ocean… you’ll see one in this video: ¬†(be sure your computer volume is on)

For those of you planning a trip/s to the beach, I made a list of some necessities we have learned make our beach visits more comfortable…

what to bring to the beach

Some helpful facts about visiting Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine:

It is only permit parking on the streets by GRB. You can get a permit at the General Store by the beach, the Kennebunkport Town Hall in Kennebunkport, or at Kennebunkport Police Station, which is located between the beach and town hall. Permits are available for daily, weekly and seasonal beach parking. Click here for more info on beach parking permits.

At different times of the season, there may be protected birds nesting on the beach… watch for signs marking the areas to stay clear of. Last year I was able to spot some Plover chicks. They were adorable scurrying down to the edge of the water and back to their sandy nests. But they were so tiny and blended in so well, it’s easy to understand why the nests need to be marked. Here’s a link to¬†Maine¬†Audubon showing a Plover chick.

There is no lifeguard at Goose Rocks Beach.

Dogs are welcome in the morning and evening… but not during the busy part of the day.


Did you miss the video? You gotta check it out, it’s only about minute long, but so relaxing…

This link will take you to’s YouTube channel to watch the video: ¬†Click this link to see and hear¬†the waves and seagulls. (be sure your computer volume is on)

The beach is clearly my favorite place to relax and recharge.. what is your favorite place? (My friend Mary, over at The Boondocks Blog, loves the mountains. the other day she shared this incredible aqua lake she visited in the mountains of Greece!)


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  1. Indre Koch says

    Wow….that little snippet of a video brought back so many memories! My family has vacationed in Kennebunkport since I was a kid. After I married I talked my husband into a beach vacation (not how he grew up). One week and he was hooked and we ended up going as often as possible. Gooch’s Beach was our go to until we discovered Goose Rocks. So much room and the water is a bit calmer for the little ones. It’s been about 5 or 6 yrs but now I’m ready to come home…this time with the grandkids!

    • Liz says

      Yes, same here! We absolutely fell in love with Kennebunkport and Goose Rocks!! I feel a little sadness inside on the rare summer that I can’t get there. Nice to connect with another fellow GRB lover! ‚̧ԳŹ

  2. Stephanie says

    I’m sooo jealous! I grew up in Gardiner, Maine but left for college at 17 and have been in the midwest ever since. I miss the Maine beaches and homes. My soul yearns for the ocean. Thanks for the video snippet. Can I come visit? Hehe! ‚ėĽ

    • Liz says

      Stephanie, I totally get what you mean about your soul yearning for the ocean… mine too! We live most of our days in the Midwest… our family is here so that’s what keeps us here, but in a heartbeat we’d move permanently to Maine if they all did!

  3. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says

    Liz what a great video. I can imagine myself lying on your beach with my eyes closed and taking in the melodic sounds of the waves and the birds chirping. I could easily fall asleep right there. Thank you for sharing your great photos with us and for taking us to your special destination. I certainly can see why it is so special for you. And thank you for mentioning my special place.

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