When is a Rolling Barn Style Door the Perfect Choice? When is a Rolling Barn Style Door the Perfect Choice

Rolling barn style doors are super popular now, and for good reason… they’re charming, aren’t they? I sure am a fan. But when is a rolling barn style door the right choice? Set aside all their industrial styling charm, because regardless of how awesome they look, are there really times when they are the best choice for a door treatment?!? Case in point: the master bathroom in our 100 year old house…

To see what we did with the original bathroom doorway that we closed off in the hallway and how we repurposed that doorway, click here. That was the only doorway to the upstairs bathroom. In the renovation of our 100 year old house, we turned that bathroom into our private master bathroom. (we also transformed a 4th bedroom into a 2nd upstairs bathroom).

Looking inside the bathroom, the wall that the old vanity was on is the shared wall between the master bedroom and the bathroom. So obviously, that was the only wall a private door between the two could be placed. bathroom door placement

From inside the bathroom, right where those old pipes are sticking out, is where the new doorway would be placed. The toilet room, (you can see a glimpse of that space below) is now on the far window wall, and the vanity now runs along the wall where there is currently a doorway in this picture.

Jump forward in time…

The mess is over, the plumbing and rewiring is completed, the wall is repaired and trimmed out to match the old original trim in the house, and this is what that wall with the new doorway looks like now from the bedroom looking into the bathroom: rolling barn style door open

This is now the new doorway between the master bedroom and master bathroom. The stained glass interior window and curtained door are the separate toilet room inside the bathroom, (with the vanity on the left of the photo) so this was the only placement for a door between the bedroom and bathroom.

That door placement left little room, actually no room, for a door swing though. Any way it went it’d be banging into something, or awkwardly swing backwards into the bedroom. rolling barn style door because switches and outlets in wall

So this really was the perfect spot for a sliding door. Even a pocket door wouldn’t have worked because of the electric outlets and switches that had to be placed in the wall between the bathroom and bedroom over the vanity…

Listen, truth be told, you wouldn’t have had to talk too long to convince me to use a barn style sliding door here… I wanted to before I realized it was the perfect choice anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I’m a sucker for charming industrial styling!) rolling barn style door from inside bathroom

The key for this rolling barn door style door was this hardware, because we had an old door… leftover from down the hall.

It was the door that used to close off the 2nd level from the attic. In the renovation, we opened that attic, (and stairway) up for living space, so that door wasn’t needed. (the door with the curtain in the toilet area was another hallway door, it was used to close off the back stairway from the 2nd level)

It was wonderful to be able to reuse the original doors from our 100 year old house in new rooms from their original intention, but still in the same house. (I love it when I can ‘shop’ in my own house!) rolling barn style door top hardware

I love the industrial style exposed hardware of the rolling mechanism. rolling barn style door handle

For the door handle, I found these large gate handles, here are some similar. rolling barn style door closed

We open and close this rolling barn style door every day… it really does work great… and looks great, and I love that this hardware allows me to use a truly original vintage door from the house!

So, have I piqued your interest? Is there someplace in your house that a rolling barn style door would be the perfect door style?

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  1. Pondside says

    What a good choice for this space. We are contemplating just such a door for our downstairs full bathroom – the only one on that floor, and the one that works as the guest bath when we have company.

  2. Donnamae says

    Oh yes, Liz…thank you for all these links! Our laundry is really a glorified closet…but it’s close to the bedrooms, so I love it. Hubby and I were thinking that might be a great place for a couple of barn doors…or a really wide one. So, it’s in the plans, hopefully for later this year. You’ve certainly given me lots to think about. Yours looks fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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