Storing Christmas Decoration Bins Yikes Where do you put all those bins full of decorations after Christmas

It’s the same for me every year… I love decorating the house for Christmas, but once Christmas is over, I can’t wait to get the Christmas decorations cleaned up and stored away, waiting to be re-opened in 11 months bringing with them fond memories and a few surprises as I’m reminded with what I bought the prior year at end of season sales and immediately tucked away for the next time. But… the question is, where to store Christmas decoration bins? In this old house, we have an almost secret closet to store them in…

This is a sampling of my Christmas bins that hold a fair amount of the Christmas decorations from the main floor. I do have some of the dining room’s Christmas decorations stored in the dining room, as I do with the kitchen, and breakfast room perspectively. For the bedrooms/bathrooms and attic, all those decorations go tucked away in closets and dresser drawers of their perspective rooms as well.

But what about this huge pile of bins? most of the Christmas decor boxed up

Ahhh… Well in our new 100 year old house, we have this wonderfully deep closet under the front stairway that wraps around the entire front of the stairway… closet mostly empty

Here you can get an idea of the closet, I’ve pulled out most of the bins to fill them, but we still have the dining table leaves and pads in here, plus the rod for hanging coats on. (yep, this closet is so deep, there’s actually room for all the Christmas decoration bins in the back and still plenty of room for hanging coats. Christmas decor packed away


All the Christmas bins are packed away…

I think I counted something like 15 bins, (some are tucked back towards the left and you can’t see them in this picture) plus room for the extra boxes and misc. pieces, like the over-sized miniature trees I had on the sideboard for this year’s deer themed winter wonderland display, and the deer antler mount I embellished for Christmas antlers.

I carefully set the one bin of Autumn and Thanksgiving decorations in the front, so that I can easily get to it when that season arrives. closet with coats back

And jackets hung back up, with hardly a hint of all the Christmas frivolity hiding behind them…

Love this stairway closet!

So… where do you keep your Christmas decoration bins?

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  1. Donnamae says

    We have the same closet…but ours is in our lower level…we have a raised ranch…and not as spruced up as yours! So that’s where most of the decorations go…but I’ve been pairing down….and am planning a larger purge as soon as I can get my three sons together, and I can distribute some of their ornaments, and keepsakes! I’m liking a simpler Christmas decor for our home lately…so I’ll be selling my Dept. 56 houses….they take up so much room! Happy New Year Liz! 😉

    • LIz says

      Yes, those miniature villages do take up so much room! I have one too… and it’s a lot of work setting it up, taking it down, and storing it… I kind of want to get rid of it too, but my grandchildren love it. I guess I’ll have to wait until they grow up to give it to one of them, as none of my kids seem interested. 😉

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