Deer Theme Winter Wonderland Deer Themed Winter Wonderland

A pair of glitter deer are the center and central focal point of this year’s Christmas display on the built-in sideboard, but here are a few more details about this fun deer theme Winter wonderland vignette…

Arranging this built-in buffet this year for Christmas just sort of evolved. I usually have a vision at the get-go, but this year, as I was unpacking Christmas boxes of ornaments and decorations, I just started out. I had a few new items that I had picked up in the store this year to mix in with the good old standbys.

Since I had picked up some plaid ribbon detail on the front porch decorations, and carried that into the living room on the deer antlers, I used this red plaid runner for the base here. With a woven gold metallic fabric draped over the top, it looks a bit magical… candles trees and deer

Then once I had the pine cones and lights and balls layered on that, it was time to start building up. I knew I wanted to use the 2 glitter deer I found at JoAnn Fabrics for the main focal point, so I put them in the center, then just kept adding to it. The built-in buffet top in our 100 year old house is pretty large. three different trees

Balancing from left to right with the taller pieces. I found 3 different styles of trees that add wonderful interest to the arrangement, both in color variation and textural interest.

Oh and I found this Noel banner with the black background too, (kind of reminds me of the ‘Merry Christmas’ banner I hung over the front door) so even though it isn’t necessarily a deer theme item, it works great here along with some glass strung balls woven in with them.

By the way, do you know what the word ‘Noel’ means???  You’ll find the answer at the bottom of this post!

The thing is, yes, I’ve added several deer themed vignettes, accessories etc. this year, but not everything for Christmas here is a deer theme, in fact, over all it is just a small part of the overall decor… just a repeated accent here and there. Noel banner

On the back wall of the built-in sideboard the long narrow mirror and candle lanterns stay up all year. But I did embellish them a bit for this deer theme Winter wonderland scene. snowflakes on permanent candle lanterns

The lanterns got a large metal and crystal snowflake on the front. deer ornaments on mirror

And even the mirror got a bit more ‘deer theme’ I found these cute ornaments with different deer pictures in them to hang on the little ‘star points’ of the mirror joints.

So there you have it, the deer theme Winter wonderland vignette in the dining room. deer themed winter wonderland for built in buffet for Christmas

We’ll see if I repeat it next year, but I do really like the different miniature trees in it, and may watch the after Christmas sales for a few more for it.

Oh and the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the answer to the question…

Well, loosely Noel means: “Christmas”. So the song ‘The First Noel’ is ‘The First Christmas’ Aha… that does makes sense doesn’t it? Actually to be technical, the roots of the word ‘Noel’ is French for ‘Christmas season’ which is derived from the Latin word ‘natalis’ which means ‘birth’. And since Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus, you can see how that became the word for Christmas. Fun facts with Liz. 🙂

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