Hanging Christmas Lanterns Hanging Christmas Lanterns

This, in the final post in a 3 part mini-series of creating a Merry Christmas welcome on the front porch, features hanging Christmas lanterns.

On the porch of our 100 year old house we have large posts with perfect places in between the posts for hanging plants in the summer. This Christmas, as I’ve been creating a Merry Christmas welcome on the porch, and I’m just not ambitious enough to string garland or lights across the rooftop, fighting the snowbanks and shrubbery with a ladder, I originally thought I would hang 3 baskets filled with greenery to still add a Christmas feel to the house from the street view.

But all that changed when my granddaughter and I spotted these unique evergreen hangings, during a stop we made to a local greenhouse, Rose Floral, (their website isn’t much to look, but inside their shop are wonderful treasures, beautiful and inspiring arrangements, and a huge fairy or miniature garden display that has been inspiring for me, especially in the winter when one is craving growing plants!) perfect spot for hanging lanterns

They did not have the lanterns in them, and I’m not totally sure if they are made solely for lanterns or not, but I immediately could visualize them with lanterns. hanging lanterns with plaid bow

Once I found the lanterns, I just simply held them onto the metal frame of the evergreen hanging with florist wire. The candles inside the lanterns are battery operated and on timers, on at the same time of the evening and will turn off in 5 hours. Battery operated candles are amazing to me! I love them, and use them all over, outside and inside. Plus, with LED lights, the batteries last a super long time, and with the auto timer feature or remote controls that some of them have,  it makes it so simple! And no worries about wax drips or fires, yet they still have the flicker flame look. (can you tell I’m enamored with them?!) hanging lantern with sturdy frame

The frames of the evergreen hangings seem quite sturdy, so I may just try to strip off the greens after this season and re-use the frames next year… either I will wire the fresh greens on, or better yet, maybe if I take them back to Rose Floral, they’ll do it for me! 😉

And of course, I added the matching plaid ribbon onto them to coordinate with the triple wreaths on the front door, as well as the bow on the rustic deer themed Christmas tree on the porch.

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