Create a Merry Christmas Welcome Create a Merry Christmas Welcome

I had a lot of fun this year when I went to create a Merry Christmas welcome on the front porch of our 100 year old home. In most of the rooms or areas I decorate, I tend to pick up on a detail of some sort and repeat it in a few ways throughout the design, and this front porch Christmas design was no different…

In fact, this year I been especially loving a couple of details for Christmas decorations. Plaid is one, so when I was at Hobby Lobby and found this gorgeous flannel type plaid ribbon, I loaded up on it! The other detail I’ve been using in this year’s Christmas decor is deer… door detail with deer

That actually started last year with a beautiful gift from my parents of large glass jars with covers bearing deer sculptures on them. This year, I’ve found so many selections of deer accessories, it’s been so fun… (I’ll show you some fun stuff inside with deer themed things real soon too!)

To create the triple wreaths on the front door, I started with the 3 tinsel wreaths I found at Ballard Designs on clearance a few months ago. Their golden silvery tinsel branches look wonderfully vintage.

After I cut a super long length of the plaid ribbon, I folded it in half and created a loop knot at the top to fit on the wreath hanger hook. Then simply used the ribbon to tie a knot through the top center of each wreath where I wanted them placed.

Once they were all tied securely, I then made a super simple florist bow with a piece of wire holding it and wired it to the top of the wreath on the ribbon. If you don’t know how to make a florist bow, it’s so easy, you’ve got to try it! The trick is to use a piece of wire to hold it all together.

Here’s a simple diagram I made to show you how to make a bow: How to Create a Simple Florist Bow

Now if you wanted to make a bow with lots of loops, you just keep making more loops, one side at a time, pinching them in the middle with one hand, and pulling and folding the ribbon with the other hand. Then put the wire through the center and twist-tie it tightly together, and then fluff out the loops for your bow!

The final detail of these triple wreaths are the little black velvet deer, (found at Hobby Lobby as well) I wired them to the bow and ribbon with a single wire around the neck of the deer, that seemed to hold it on securely.

Then the final touch to the door Merry Christmas welcome… door with banner and tree

is the Merry Christmas banner sign hanging above the door! The black with a little red and white colorway matches the rest of the porch decor, and makes the sign fit in beautifully.

This is the 1st of 3 posts I’ll be doing this week sharing how I created a Merry Christmas welcome on our front porch. Next post tomorrow will be about the antique wood bin we have on the porch and what I stuck in it for Christmas!Thanks so much for stopping by!

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    • LIz says

      Thank you Jamie! I think I got that black Merry Christmas sign at either JoAnn Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby… it was on the same shopping day, but can’t remember for sure.

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