Day Trip to Stonewall Kitchen Day Trip to Stonewall Kitchen

Here’s a perfect activity for a rainy, non-beach day when your travels take you to southern Maine… Perfect day to do something else besides the beach. Stonewall Kitchen company store is located in York, Maine, and is one of my favorite rainy day stops! Here’s what to expect if you ever find yourself on a day trip to Stonewall Kitchen…

As so commonly found in New England, the entrance drive to Stonewall Kitchen company store has a ‘stone wall’… seems fitting. This stone wall, along with so many beautifully crafted ones I’ve taken notice of around here, is stunning in it’s craftsmanship. stone wall of Stonewall Kitchen

Once you’ve parked your car, you can certainly expect to be awed by the lovely gardens and landscape! Stonewall Kitchen outside gardens

The unique plantings and healthy plants are a popular photography subject. wisteria arbor

The arbor with wisteria (I think?) on it wasn’t in bloom yet, but what a lovely entry covering. stunning planting beds

The gorgeous cobblestone sidewalks with stunning planting beds are so beautifully maintained. another arbor

The pergola in the cobblestone patio area offers shade. There is a wonderful cafe inside, so it’s typical to see the tables filled with diners, or people just having coffee and reading, enjoying the lovely setting. huge rusty rooster plantingThe casual barn style entrance is announced with the rooster weather vane topped cupola and the large pair of rusty iron roosters at the doors, with the dark green sliding wooden barn door.

As much fun as the outside garden and patio areas are, the inside is great too, here’s a peek… inside store

The store is divided up into basically 3 large sections, with subsections in each of those 3 sections. With an overall farmhouse style to the store interior, the displays are beautifully and thoughtfully set-up. lighthouse display

And of course, being located on the coastal area of Maine, there are always great nautical themed displays… (I did buy some of those coastal Maine salad plates you see on the bottom shelf!) samples

And the samples! Oh the wonderful samples! It’s only at the company store I think, where you can get a full range of all the jams, jellys, spreads, chutneys, sauces, and dips that bears the Stonewall Kitchen label. And…you can sample them all! Stonewall Kitchen cafe

And of course the cafe, with it’s many yummy selections, features many dishes with their product. This is a great place to get lunch or take a coffee break. There is indoor and outdoor seating.

Even the bathroom had something beautiful to share with you… Vanity Sconce Lighting

I thought this mirror, sink, light combination was stunning! I wonder if they had the iron bracket holding the granite counter and sink on it hand made by a metal craftsman, I’ve never seen anything like it, have you? Isn’t it great?!

So if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in the southern coastal area of Maine, stop in the Stonewall Kitchen company store, it’s for sure worth the stop!

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Stonewall has so many yummy jams, jellies, spreads and great kitchen items as well as other fun finds. If you don’t have a chance to visit the home store in York, Maine, there’s good news! You can shop it all online here!!

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  1. paperworx4seniors2 says

    I am sure enjoying flitting from one topic to another on your blog, excellent. Have only been in Maine one time with hubs in his semi on a run over a Memorial weekend few years ago, we still lived in MT then. We went thru New York City on Sunday, what a mess of traffic. Have always wanted to see Maine but was first chance. I sure enjoyed our trip thru New England and up into higher parts, almost into Canada. Hubs quit trucking in 2004 so was my last chance. Would sure love to be able to drive in our own vehicle so we could stop when I wanted to. When I used to ride with hubs once in while we’d have time to stop at antique store, oh my what lovely things but no place to put them in truck. Thank heavens for wonderful memories.
    Sure glad I subscribed to your blog while back, am enjoying so much. Happy week

    IF you choose to reply please do so to email address: THanks

  2. Liz @ Infuse With Liz says

    How fun! I have purchased their products from a local store and directly from them on the internet but it would be so much more fun to go in one of their stores. I’d be ecstatic to see the outside too! I enjoyed this- thanks for sharing!

  3. Donnamae says

    Maine is on our travel list for a fall drive in the future! Sounds like a great place to visit. Thanks for the tour! 😉

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