DIY Picket Fence Wall Hooks

DIY Picket Fench Wall Hooks

Here is a fun and easy project, picket fence wall hooks, made from literally some junk that could have just as easily wound up in the garbage… a piece of scrap wood and a few odd pieces of junk. I’m calling it a ‘picket fence’ wall hooks project, but we didn’t even have any old pickets on hand, so here’s what we did…

I started out thinking I was going to use a pallet for this project, but given all the huge staple pulling and severe sanding that was going to have to take place, I quickly diverted my focus once I found an old board leaning against the garage wall, I think it came out of the kitchen from when we gutted it.

I am not a carpenter, and though I’ve worked on many projects with carpenters, but I lack the fine skills of a carpenter, so this project is perfect for me. I also lack the desire to run power tools for the most part, and my husband was home and very willing to saw it all for me, so perfect! Let’s get going… here’s what I did:

After measuring the wall space where it was going to go, I marked the boards with a square: use a square to make straight lines

Using a square really does help a lot to ensure your line is actually straight. (although for this particular project it wouldn’t have mattered too much if it wasn’t)

Then with a simple Skilsaw, he sawed the several cuts in the board I just marked… sawing wood pieces

Ok, round 1 of cutting completed. (there’s the pallet I was initially going to do this project with) cut board

I then free-hand marked the angles for the ‘picket’ look. I wanted this finished project to look rustic, so I purposely drew the angles off a bit.

Commence round 2 of cutting…

Once all the angles of the pickets were cut, I got out my sanding block with some rough sandpaper… pickets cut, and now sanding

I lightly sanded the face of the boards, and rounded the edges and picket top. The super rough sandpaper in the sanding block works really fast on this.

Next step was to ‘whitewash’ the pickets. One quick coat of latex paint/primer did the trick. whitewashed pickets with one sanded

Once the paint was dry, I re-sanded the pickets a bit more, adding a worn out, aged look.

In between the picket preparation, I dug through our junk drawer and found some old hooks that I had taken out of the maid’s room’s closet and some vintage back plates from a door handle. The hooks got a quick wipe with some steel wool and spray primer and paint.

There, now all the components are ready for assembly… nailed together

I used a bit of carpenter’s glue and then finish nails to attach the top horizontal board to the pickets.

I don’t like using most power tools, (they’re noisy and I always envision cutting my finger off with them… yikes!)  except my drill…. I love my drill and have used it lots and lots. Here’s the perfect job for it too. Pre-drilling holes is so important to control where the screw goes and to avoid splitting the wood and to avoid the screw head getting stripped out before you actually get the screw all the way down. pre drilling holes for the screws

On this picket fence wall hooks project, the way it attaches to the wall is with really long screws that go through the antique door knob plates into the wood into the wall. screws through backplates are long enough to secure to the wall

And the screws I found in the garage that were the right length were this kind of tannish color so it blended with the brass painted back plates quite nicely.

The holes for the newly painted hooks were pre-drilled as well. picket fence wall hooks done

So there it is all done…

Kind of cute, huh? picket fence wall hooks

Even though the picket fence hooks look worn out and a little rustic, it actually is smooth and won’t snag the clothing that is hung on it. And the perfect little spot for it, is behind the door in this guest bedroom we’ve been outfitting for grandchildren sleepovers.

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  1. Gail (@repurposedlife) says

    super job on your picket fence wall hooks! I was just looking over the fb post I put up a couple of weeks ago, because I was writing the post where I have made one. I made mine this weekend, then I saw yours tonight!
    I think it’s great that you made your boards look like pickets!

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