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Pot racks… I love them! Honestly, I don’t know where people keep all their large pots and pans without using a pot rack. I have created a pot rack in the kitchen of our new 100 year old house that I’m super excited to show you, but first, I wanted to recap a couple other ones… pot rack in our former kitchen

This is the pot rack that was in the kitchen of our former house. When I re-did the kitchen and added the custom island, I included a design and sketch for this pot rack to the same cabinet maker. I carefully explained to him that I would indeed be hanging several large, heavy pans from it, so please be sure it was constructed to actually hold the weight.

The heavy chains holding the pot rack on the ceiling came in a shiny silver finish, so I spray painted them this dark bronze color. We made sure the 4 hooks in the ceiling are actually all the way through the wood ceiling and firmly screwed into the rafters. It’s sturdy… I’m pretty sure you could hang off it, and it’d hold you up… tobacco hooks fit perfect

The cabinet maker fit the slats of wood, (that hold the hooks that hold the pots) into the main frame of the pot rack very securely.

I got some hooks that are wrought steel. They are called something like ‘tobacco hooks’… I guess it’s what they would dry tobacco leaves on. The hooks did have a hole in the top so that it could have been attached to the slat, but I actually left them so that I could slide them as needed.

This style pot rack worked great for over the island in our former house.

But what if one doesn’t have enough overhead space to allow for a huge hanging pot rack? That doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy the perks of having a pot rack! Let me show you what my son and daughter-in-law did in their vintage kitchen

First, this is the space before the pot rack. kitchen space before potrack

It’s a little difficult to tell, but the glass fronted cabinets, floor to ceiling, are shallow cabinets, like only deep enough for a single can of canned goods… or a box of cereal laid flat against the back… so less than 6″ deep. Great if you have tons of storage and want a special display area… but not so great if your kitchen has very limited cabinet storage, like this one, and you really don’t want to take up the space for all the pans in the few cabinets you do have. Problem is though, this is a main walkway, so adding a deeper cabinet just isn’t an option.

So… Pot Rack Wall after

this is what they did!

Removed the cabinet doors. Filled and painted the framework. Installed beadboard and painted it gray.

Then added pipes and hooks. The pipes are copper pipe from the plumbing department as are mounting pieces for it. cleverly mounted pipes for lids

You can see how clever the pipes work to keep the lids stored. It looks great and is such a smart use of this shallow space!

I plan to show you the pot rack we designed and installed in our kitchen of our new 100 year old house in a couple weeks… I’ll give you a hint… think: ‘BRICK’! **Update!** HERE is the brick wall mounted on rack

Here are more pot racks and wall treatments:

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  1. Sally says

    I always enjoy your posts. I learn something valuable every time. We are currently in the midst of updating our 1980’s ranch. Your posts have lots of useful, affordable information. Currently looking at wide plank laminate flooring! Thanks

  2. paperworx4seniors2 says

    We could desperately use pot rack in our kitchen. could hang it from recessed area in ceiling where sky light is. Hard to have things out tho in our kitchen, we have lots of wind and so much dust, constantly. I’d love to take doors off upper cabinets but everything would be so dirty all the time.
    The solution your son/dil brought to their kitchen is quite smart, great use of space and so organize, clean looking.
    Looking forward to seeing what your new pot rack is like. Don’t keep us in suspense for too long ok?
    Happy week

  3. Donnamae says

    I really like the one your Son and DIL made…great use of space! Anxious to see what you made too…brick? 😉

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