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Atop one of the floors of the Fairmont in San Francisco is this lovely formal rooftop garden, with English influences, such as this open lattice style fence and gateway. Our gardens in the Midwest, won’t be lush and green for a while yet, so while I’m waiting I thought I’d take a look back at my January visit to the Fairmont’s rooftop garden. fairmont old back from garden

I actually found the garden by accident when I was wandering around the meandering halls and wings of the old hotel. Which is kind of funny, because I think that the rooftop garden at the Faimont is somewhat famous… but I tend to find things out myself, just exploring as I go… usually missing the main, famous things, but finding quaint little treasures along the way. So given that, I am glad I found this place.

It was a quiet day up there when I was visiting, so I had my choice of seats. Once settled, I was loving the sunshine warming my old bones that I almost didn’t take any pictures, just relaxing in the warmth. But I’m glad I forced myself to get a few shots so I can reminisce as I’m writing this now. detail of building

From my chosen bench, not only was I able to enjoy the green garden, warm sunshine and gurgling water fountain, the views beyond the garden and rooftop were stunning. I love noticing architectural detail, and was not disappointed with some of the buildings around the Fairmont.

detail 10

The actual rooftop garden was such a welcome sight for this winter weary soul. It is a very peaceful garden. With this lovely English style open lattice fence around part of the perimeter of the inside garden, there is a walkway on the other side, thus the fence creates ‘rooms’ or visible dividers in the garden. fairmont rooftop garden 4

The plantings inside the beds were a pretty informal, more cottage style. fairmont rooftop garden 6

The large water fountain and reflecting pool are the central focal point of the garden.

The sights, looking beyond the garden walls, were so beautiful. bay view from rooftop garden

The bay was clearly visible from my vantage point in the garden. bay windows 12

As were more bay windows! (one of the 2 most impressive things I noticed when there, click here to see both!) SF skyline and cable cars

And looking the other way, this skyline was the view… I got this picture just as the cable car was passing through. (click here if you missed my post about our experience not being what we expected on the cable cars!) Fairmont rooftop garden

I found the Fairmont rooftop garden to just be wonderfully quiet and relaxing when I visited it in January. fairmont rooftop garden 6-001

So thank you Fairmont for that welcome respite for this weary, vitamin d deficient, soul… That was just what this gal needed!

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Please feel free to share this blog with your friends, as well as on Facebook and Pinterest and Flipboard and Houzz the more the merrier! I appreciate you stopping by.




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