Adding Labels to the Linen Closet Labels and Hardware Change Linen Closet

We were fortunate that our upstairs hallway, in our new 100 year old house, had a huge linen closet in it, but it didn’t always look quite like this. By changing the hardware and adding labels to the linen closet, we added some greatly needed detail, thus creating this spot at the end of the hall to have some character.

Here’s what it used to look like: linen closet drawers before

The hardware that was on it clearly marked the 70’s back when it was refaced. But the amount of storage in this hallway linen closet is wonderful! Those drawers go 24″ deep into the space. So, not only do we have room for all the extra linens and blankets in here, we also have room for all the extra bathroom supplies… for both the guest bathroom and master bathroom.

I repainted the linen closet a fresh coat of white paint, like the rest of the trim upstairs, and then changed out the hardware.

That made a huge difference! But… linen closet with new hardware but no labels

after recently moving, one of the most difficult things is finding stuff. Consider, everything you own has been moved into a new location. You can’t just go get something without thinking about where it is.  (if you’ve moved lately, you know what I’m talking about, right?) So, with all the stuff being stored in this linen cabinet, we kept forgetting which drawer had what in it. That’s when I had a thought… how about labels?!

I found vintage looking metal frame labels online for each drawer and door. Linen Closet Label

Now we easily can tell what is where, and it adds an industrial charm to the linen closet. label

It was a simple fix to solve a problem and a slight eyesore… hallway linen closet with labels and new hardware

But now, the linen closet corner is a cute little landing area at the end of the hallway, and I think the labels are kind of fun.

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  1. Donnamae says

    What a great built-in! You only get features like that in older homes….you are so organized! 😉

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