Easy Ways to Add Spring to the Porch Spring on the PorchWith winter finally behind us, and having a few days of temps in the 50’s and 60’s last week, I decided it was, for sure and gladly, time to embrace Spring on the front porch!ย  (although we do live in NW Wisconsin, and very likely could, and probably will get more snow this season) For this day, it was warm and I was feeling Spring! So here are some easy ways to add Spring to the porch.

Over the years, I’ve collected a large assortment of vintage watering cans, mostly found at ‘garage’ sales (that’s what we call them around here… out East I think they are mostly called ‘tag’ sales, right?), anyway, I used to go faithfully with my friend that collected the same sort of junk as I did… (I still go once in a while, but not like I used to!)

It was that shared interest that could turn out to be a bit of a comical challenge at sales though. I remember one time in particular, I was driving, and as we pulled up to the garage sale, we both spotted the same watering can in the driveway for sale. Because I was driving, I could park in a way that gave me a slight advantage, (I think my dad taught me to think of creating advantages like that ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but I still had to safely get my truck stopped and parked, which I barely did, (though it was fairly safe it was not a smooth stop), before I took a running leap out of my driver’s seat.

My friend was on to my clever parking maneuver, as she had already made a courageous exit while the truck was still sort of moving. So we dashed up the driveway together, completely oblivious to the entrance we made to the morning garage sale crowd, trying to reach the can before the other, but instead actually winded up grabbing the can together… I usually had a bit of an advantage because I was several inches taller, and had a longer reach… but this time it didn’t matter…

I remember seeing the shocked faces on the older ladies running the sale, sitting in their lawn chairs by the garage doorway. They were just staring at us, mouths slightly gaped open, I’d like to say in awe… but I think it was something different, maybe even slight fear they were feeling, as these two 30-something women jumped out of a junky little truck that had just come to a screeching halt, in a odd parking angle, at the foot of their driveway, and came racing up towards them…

Ha ha ha, oh the disappointment when we reach the watering can, grabbed it together, and then we noticed it… We could finally see the back of the ‘prized’ watering can and realized this treasure we were tempted to risk our friendship on and any level of dignity over, actually had a huge bash in the back side of it, to the point of it looking ridiculous. No wonder those ladies working the sale were in disbelief as to why we would risk life and limb over that piece of junk! We both burst out laughing at our foolishness.

Actually, amazingly, we never had any friendship issues fighting over sale treasures… somehow we worked it out, and have tons of great memories, and treasures! We were competitive, but in the end our love and respect for each other and our value to our friendship always ruled the day. Watering Cans Flanking Front Door

So incorporating a few of the collected vintage watering cans, I decided to decorate the front porch of our 100 year old house with a little Spring decor.

Last week I shared with you how I made the ‘HOPE’ sign you see to the left of the front door. I added 2 vintage watering cans flanking each side of the door, stuffed with more forsythia branches from the dollar store and a couple of clip on birds I got there too. bird, nest and forsythias in vintage watering can

Also, coordinating with the wreath on the ‘HOPE’ sign, I added a grapevine bird nest with a few pieces of moss glued in it to each can. Copper Watering Can with flowers for spring

This copper watering can is only about 10 or 15 years old. Again I just shoved tons of faux branches in yellow, white and blue, and added some vintage ribbons and jute for a little extra decoration. Porch Corner set for Spring

The copper water can is sitting in front of the antique wood box with a couple of small vintage watering cans on it on the far corner of the porch. small vintage watering cans

There isn’t really too much going on our front porch right now, we haven’t put out the chairs yet, but by just by adding a few simple faux flowers and branches in old watering cans, has added just enough fresh color to the space and invites the look of Spring. Super simple and inexpensive, but really makes a fresh difference!

I hope this has inspired you a bit to add some easy Spring to your porch!


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Shopping Links for this Spring Project:

Watering Cans: Wayfair has a lot of really cute WATERING CANS and some look very vintage!

Stems: Forsythia stems, branches and wreaths at Wayfair

Tulips: Gorgeous Faux Tulips at Wayfair

Birds: All sorts of really cute BIRDS, nests and bird decor at Wayfair


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  1. Mary P says

    Very pretty porch! Have you thought of putting flowers in the antique wood box? Wish I had more than a narrow cement step to the front door. Love how your storm door matches the house door. Is the storm door metal and did you paint it yourself? Here in the Northeast we say either garage sales or yard sales.

    • LIz says

      Hi Mary, thank you so much for your comments! Flowers in the wood bin would actually look great, but we do have kindling in it actually. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (we have a wood burning fireplace) And yes, I painted the doors myself, they are both wood.

  2. Pinky says

    Thanks for the tip that Wayfair has some cute watering cans, I have been looking for a vintage looking one. LOVE your Spring porch. I so miss our porch! Wish I could have one here. But I do my little “stoop” as I call it:) Hopefully Spring temps will arrive SOON!!!

  3. Donnamae says

    Looks lovely! Funny story about the watering cans…I could just picture that! I think it’s warmer up there right now, then it is down here! We just had more white stuff dumped on us. I’ll just stare at your pics a while longer…okay? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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