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Here’s a super quick tip…

Be warned! This might get confusing because I’m going to talk about a ‘pin’ on Pinterest and about an actual pin… one-with-a-sharp-point, pin.

A while back I pinned (on Pinterest!) a way to make a simple pin attachment for all those cute felt pins and embellishments. Unfortunately the actual link for that is broken, so I don’t know how to find out who actually posted it originally. Here is my pin, I’m talking about (on Pinterest). If you know the origin of it, please let me know!

I was so excited to finally be able to actually put that clever idea from that Pinterest pin into action a few weeks ago.

My granddaughter and I made a fun colorful bow with all sorts of scraps from my sewing room… felt and fabric scraps, a little ribbon and even a couple of buttons… for her to wear on her shirt at her birthday party. felt and fabric bow

She totally picked the fabric and felt combo, and at first I had my doubts about her selections, but I have to say, she really did a fantastic job and I think the color scheme of the finished piece is so darn cute! But this post is about the pin attachment, not the actual bow…

After the felt and fabric bow was totally done, I simply flipped it over, face down, and hot glued a piece of felt to the back. back with pin attachment

I had trimmed that little piece of felt to be a little shorter than the finished bow width so it wouldn’t show at all from the front.

The whole purpose for this felt piece on the back is to hold the safety pin, so I had to be careful to only glue the two ends of the felt, leaving the center unattached to the bow, creating a loop for the pin.

Then, after making sure the safety pin head would fit through the loop, and that it was centered on the bow back, I hot glued the felt loop. (If you were placing it on an asymmetrical ornament, then you’d want to be sure you glued the felt pin holder so that the ornament wouldn’t tip to one side, which may not necessarily be the ‘center’).

Another thing too, because her bow was so heavy, I purposely placed and glued the felt pin holder more towards the top of the bow to keep it from tipping over when she was wearing it.

Then I just simply slipped the safety pin through the loop I created with the felt.

That’s it… super simple easy way to get wearing all those cute felt pins, ornaments and embellishments. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for making some of them, check out my felt ornament Pinterest page, I have pinned several really creative ideas for different felt and fabric pins and ornaments.



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