Simple Cleverness: How to Avoid a Greasy Stove When Frying Simple Cleverness Fry Screen

We’ve all been there, right? You’re frying bacon or hamburgers on the stove and the grease from it is splattering all over the stove, counter next to it and even the floor in front of the stove. You’d like to put a cover on it, but if you do, the ‘frying’ will quickly turn to ‘steaming’ and ruin the tasty browning you’re trying to achieve.

I don’t write about cooking very often here, but I do like to cook and have certainly done a lot of it. I’ve learned that to get a really good tasting hamburger, you need to get a really yummy brown exterior, which means a lot of splattering is going on, and most of it goes out of the pan, leaving a greasy mess in your kitchen.

Unless you have this very clever invention… fry screen

A splatter guard!

Mine was a Christmas gift this year, but I checked and you can find them here:

Do you notice all the steam escaping? burgers frying

This pan is hot, the burgers have been cooking for a while, the stove is still grease free, and I didn’t need to compromise taste, to save the mess, by covering them with a lid.

See the stainless steel screen? Le Creuset and screen

It totally allows the steam to escape, but really does hold back the splattering grease.

This particular style splatter screen has a few really nice features.

First, it’s heavier than the cheapo screens, thus it stays put on the pan. silicone bottom

Also, the bottom edge of the screen, (the part that you would place on your skillet) is lined with a silicone gasket thing, keeping it very stable on the pan. folding handle

And if you have limited space, the handle fold in to save storage space.

So here is what the screen looked like after the 15 or 20 minutes it took to fry these burgers: screen caught most of splatters

See all that grease it caught? The stove and counter were relatively still clean at the end of the frying too.

I’m tell ya… this thing really works!


Special thanks to my daughter and son-in-law for the very nice Le Creuset splatter screen for Christmas! It works so much better than the junky one I got from the tag sale.

This is the link to buy the Le Creuset splatter screen, if you’re interested in saving yourself from a greasy mess on your stove too.



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  1. Jan says

    Visiting from the Shabby Nest. I seem to get grease all over the place when I’m cooking, one of those would be a help to cutting down the splattered grease all over the place, ugh!

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