Shades of Orange

Yesterday, we experienced the first day, in several days, where the outdoor temperature got above 30 degrees!

Whoo hoo! After a week of the temperature hovering around 0, (yep, that’s ZERO for you southern readers) 30 feels balmy!  So I celebrated by bundling up and going for a walk around the neighborhood. It felt so good.

Feeling inspired by the fresh air and the color orange, I snapped a few pictures to share with you.

I think I’m inspired by the color orange today, because yesterday I watched a P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home episode where he showed his painted cheery orange furniture on the porch of his beautiful house he built in Arkansas. (he was showing how he planted the tulips in shades of orange to coordinate with the porch furniture in front of his house he calls Mossy Mountain Farm… so beautiful) orange tulips

Well you can hardly just call it a house, it’s much more than that. And the attention to detail to the house, interiors, land, gardens, gates… oh my the list goes on… amazing. Anyway, he had the porch furniture painted a cheery orange color, and that has been bouncing around in my head for the last day.

So here are a couple of delightful homes in my neighborhood that are sporting shades of orange… orange front door

Isn’t that front door a fun, lively orange tone?


And look at this cute charmer: orange arched door and windows 2

Now seriously, doesn’t that just make you happy? What is more charming than an arched door but to have matching arched windows as well? Emphasizing the best qualities with a bright color is brilliant.

Hope this short post sends a little cheer your way too!


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  1. Donnamae says

    Love the Orange doors! It’s a great spark with all the snow you have there! It got to 34 yesterday….almost started to feel like snow! 😉

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