Christmas Message on Chalkboard

In our kitchen, we have a large chalkboard I bought years ago. I’ve always had it in the kitchen or hanging close to the kitchen, even in our former house, and usually have a Bible verse on it.

I used to just try to neatly print a verse out, but with all the super cute and amazing chalkboard designs, I’ve been inspired to do the chalkboard verse more like art. (I even started a chalkboard design pinterest board)  If you have any chalkboard designs on Pinterest you’d like to share, send them to me and I’ll pin them on my board too! christmas chalkboard 2

Here’s the Christmas verse that spoke to me this year.

Although I love to draw and paint, using chalk is a completely different approach. And having it out on such a large area is very different than doing a small sketch too, so I’m for sure still learning.

I’m sure there are lots of  ‘tricks’ to doing great printing, but all I do is type it up on my computer in the fonts I like, then print it out, and just simply look at it while I’m drawing it out on the chalkboard. I lightly sketch in some lines across so that the words stay level, and then just carefully wipe those lines away with a paper towel when I’m done. Christmas chalkboard 1

Hard to tell in the photo, but the words of the verse, except for ‘Jesus’ are in aqua blue chalk, ‘Jesus’ is in light red, and the stars are in white and yellow.

The two fonts I used are: ‘Santas Sleigh’ and ‘Viner Hand’.

Here are more Christmas decorating ideas:

Merry Christmas everyone!

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