Simple Cleverness… 5 Reasons to Use Timers

As I’m just getting back into writing posts, I decided that ‘Simple Cleverness‘ posts are something I for sure want to maintain because there are so many very simple, yet oh so clever, tips and ideas out there to make our lives a bit easier.

Decorating for Christmas, both inside and outdoors, I’m reminded just how useful this simple item is. I’d be spending a lot more time each day, repeatedly plugging in and turning on and remembering to turn off each night, all those wonderful lights, and electric candles, and extra lamps for darker afternoons and evenings, if not for the very simple electric timer. timer inside

Plug it into your outlet and it will automatically turn on and off your electric light you have plugged into the timer itself. timer inside close up

This close up show just how simple it can be.

All you do is turn the dial to what time it currently is, then slide a green tab onto what time you want the light to turn on, and a red tab slides onto what time you want it to turn off. Simple, simple, simple.

There are more complicated, and expensive ones out there too, they will do all sorts of multiple ons and offs etc. I have one of those, but for inside, I actually prefer this super simple design. This one cost about 5 or 6 bucks at Walmart. (and no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just think these timers are great!) timer outdoor open

The ones I have outside on the front porch are basically the same simple design, except they are rated for exterior use. timer outdoor closed

The cover closes down on the mechanics of the timer to keep the elements out.


So the five reasons I very easily came up with why I love using timers are:

1. Christmas lights. Inside and outdoors, timers will automatically turn on and off your lights each day.

Timers aren’t just for Christmas lights though, here are a few more reasons I find them essential:

2. They are great for those hard to reach lamps that look great lit, but are a hastle getting to. And living in the Midwest, extra lamps are indispensable for all those dark afternoons and evenings during the winter months.

3. A timer will offer cozy rooms each evening instead of having to turn on the big overhead chandelier.

4. I like how my automated lamps that are on timers add a safety element to our house, giving the appearance of someone being home, by turning on in the evening.

5. I can save money using them. I like to come home to a house that has some light on inside. So without the timers, I’d turn on a couple of lamps when I was leaving, if I thought I was going to get back home after dark, even if I was leaving in the middle of the day, just to be sure there was some light on at dark when I came in. Now though, with the timers, I have lamps that will turn on at just the right time and I save all those kilowatt hours of them being on when not needed in the daylight.

I’m curious, do you have any other reason you too love using timers?


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  1. Donnamae says

    I used to use timers when we went on vacation…you know, to fool the burglars! Hehe! I set my kitchen timer to notify me when the dryer is done…because I’m forgetful! 😉

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