Kitschy or Sweet? 65 year old Ceramic Nativity

Merry Christmas greetings!

What a perfect time of the year for me to start a little blogging again, so many pretty and inspiring things during the Christmas season to write and take pictures of.

Last fall, (2013) I wrote what I thought was going to be my last post, because at the time I was very overwhelmed with life’s projects… (we sold ‘Our House’!! and refurbished an old house and are absolutely LOVING it!) but now that I’m over that crazy, busy, I’m not in my 30’s anymore and don’t have the energy I used to, I hope to actually be able to start blogging a little bit again. I’ll share more about our new place

in future posts hopefully, I’m going to try my hand at blogging a little. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post as frequently as before, and it’ll take me a few times, (remember? I’m not in my 30’s, or 40’s for that matter anymore, it takes me a bit to refresh my old brain) and to remember how and to get my ‘writing brain’ fired up again… but bear with me, it’ll be a fun ride!

OK, enough of that for now.

Decorating for Christmas this year was so exciting! Last year, because of being in the middle of packing and renovating our new old house, we, (I) decided to not put up a Christmas tree. It was the 1st time in 34 years of marriage that we didn’t have a Christmas tree. (our 8 year old granddaughter was so sad about that decision) But I have learned to measure my portions or I’ll get sick from overloaded schedules, projects and such. So this year, between being in a new setting and missing them last year, I think all the lovely collected Christmas ornaments had even more significance to me. It was so much fun to carefully pull each and every one out and find a claim for it in our new home, recalling so many attached memories.

1 2014-12-12 ceramic creche 12 - Copy

This ceramic nativity or creche, is one that I’ve had for a really long time.

2 2014-12-12 ceramic creche side 1

I bought it at a tag sale for pennies, literally, I think I paid a dime for it!  It’s from the 1950’s or so.

3 ceramic creche 14

It has a light you access from the the back, (which I changed out to a LED light, so no heat produced like with a normal bulb) and there is a hole in the front for the Christmas star to shine brightly through, as well as hidden light holes to light up the manger scene.

4 ceramic creche 13

It’s kinda kitschy, I know. Not gorgeous workmanship, or high quality porcelain, but there is something truly sweet about this simplistic ornament.

5 2014-12-12 ceramic creche 12

Or maybe I’m biased, because I have years of our memories attached to it and can no longer see it for what it is, but for what it has become in my memory.


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  1. Kim Carter says

    I had one just like this as a child and loved it so. A dear aunt, long gone had given it to me when I was about 6 years old. This past Christmas I was telling my daughters about it and the memories it held and they found one for me on Ebay and gave it to me on Christmas Day! I burst into tears……it was like a piece of my childhood had been handed to me.

  2. Jean says

    Yea!! Your new house is looking Great!! I would love to get some advice after Christmas!!
    I am amazed at how talented you are!!!

  3. Donnamae says

    I think it’s lovely! So wonderful to hear from you again! I’m looking forward to seeing pics of your new/old home? Welcome back! 😉

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