Our House: A View of the Orchard

The other day, I was out on a very early morning walk and just marveled at this lovely view at ‘Our House’, so I wanted to share it with you all too.

Here is the entry to the orchard. We have an iron trellis with a rambling trumpet vine that has lovely orange and yellow blossoms sprawling all over it.

I planted this vine here at least 15 years ago. It must be pretty hardy because I’ve done nothing for it since I first planted it, but it sure looks happy here. (and here in NW Wisconsin we’ve had the temperature drop to -30 Fahrenheit in the winter… now that’s hardy!) vine arbor into orchard

The nectar loving birds, like humming birds and orioles I’m sure adore these blooms, but I love the multi color of them and especially that yummy tangerine orange color. trumpet vine up close

Upon entering the orchard this time of year, you can see more charming orange and yellow blooms layering the ground, and little green apples covering the trees above.

We have 5 varieties of apples. Some are good for baking, some for eating or storing. Each variety is staggered a little bit from the others for when they’re ripe, which is really nice for harvesting them. orchard with green apples

Looking beyond the tiny apples growing in the trees, the waves of orange blooms blanketing the grass carpet below is a beautiful sight. orchard blooming

This picture of the orchard really reminds me of that famous Monet ‘field of poppies’ painting.

But these lovely orange blooms are from the wild indian paint brush flower. Each year, my husband has carefully held off mowing them during their blooming season, as we’ve watched them slowly spread across the orchard. flower up close 1

And this year they are stunning.

The orchard with its early summer blooms of flowers are really just a simple country pleasure, but I think it’s these kind of simple pleasures that are good for the soul. The key is to take the time and make the choice to be conscious to notice them around ourselves.

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