Interior Details of the 7 Barn House 7 barn house details

A couple of weeks ago, we had the wonderful pleasure of being invited up to stay at this magnificent place that sits on the South shore of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin. If you’re interested in staying at this house located on the south shore of Lake Superior, you can! It’s available for rent here!! (affiliate) It sleeps 20 and is an amazing setting.

It’s a house, that looks like a barn, and was constructed by repurposing the wood, beams and materials from 7 antique barns.

Last time I showed you some amazingly creative lights that are in the house… this time I want to show you some more of the gorgeous, rustic details of this place! 7 barn details

One of the bathrooms, with it’s interesting ‘open’ design, used old tin roofing for the shower walls, slate pieces for the flooring, and vintage painted wood boards for the wall treatment. 7 barn details


I loved the huge sink in the bathroom. 7 barn details

This bedroom wall had these gorgeous beams for a beautiful treatment. It looked to me that they installed them like logs for a cabin, with a chinking type material in between. However they did it, it was beautiful: 7 barn details

The rail going upstairs was again made from some huge old beams… 7 barn details

And the spindles were rebar… great texture.


One wall in the hallway was finished with these antique boards… they must have been at least 18” wide or maybe even a little wider! 7 barn details

And I loved, loved, loved this floor. It is made up of the end cuts of square posts. So unique: 7 barn details


There were so many breathtaking details in this house… even this table/bed stand created from what looks to me as leftover pieces of wood, they fashioned into a table…

What a lovely place, and what great company!

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