Our House: Home Office/Library… Bird Inspiration Brings in the Details

I showed you last week how this room has changed drastically over the past 17 years, now let’s get down to the details… before and after library collage

I love the life a wall of books brings to a room. So to me that’s the main focal point of the room.

However, I also love the look of prints mounted on the face of the bookshelf, giving interesting depth to the shelves. bird print

And that’s exactly what I did in the newly decorated home office at ‘Our House’… I ordered this super cute set of 3, (perfect for the 3 inside vertical supports on the bookshelves) from Décor Steals. I first heard about Décor Steals from Miss Mustardseed. bird collection stopper collage

At the same time, I snagged this glass bird bottle stopper. birds on lamp

This lamp I moved from the living room, notice a little bit of a theme yet? birds on pottery

This pair of urns I’ve had for a few years… got them from a company I used to source for very interesting accessories when I was running my interior design business full time. inspiration collage

And yes, here are the other like-themed ingredients that help make this room… these are actually the inspiration for the whole room re-do. The fabric I accidentally came across at JoAnn’s and the pretty box was a gift from a friend.

But it’s not all about birds in this room. In fact, if you didn’t look too hard, you’d pretty easily miss the nod toward the bird theme in this room.

That’s the way I like to do it… with really just a suggestion, or a few like-minded, or like-shaped designs in a room, that gives the design continuity, but not too much of a commitment of repetitiveness or ‘theme over-kill’. framed blue willow ware

On one wall I have this empty antique frame celebrating a single antique blue willow dish. Capel rug

And although the rug has a rather organic design in it, there aren’t any birds… however, the colors are the main color scheme that the whole room is based from. (This 100% wool round rug is from Capel, in the Martha Vineyard Collection) stacked prints collage

I love how the stacked prints repeat the dark maroon of the rug, and have the same aqua blue-green on the pots… and I love the fact that they aren’t bird prints… that’d for sure be theme over-kill.

So see that window treatment?

I’ll give you the details about how I did it, and just barely had enough fabric… next time.

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