Our House: The Specialness of Creating a Gallery Wall before and after hall

I showed you this ‘before’ picture once, or a peek at it, when I told you about the chandelier we replaced with this lovely antique one.

The before pic was taken right after we moved into ‘Our House’ about 17 years ago. But today, I want to focus on the gallery wall of pictures, and try to give a few tips on creating one. gallery landing

The back wall of the landing is nearly a two story wall, so there is a lot of wall space, and I need it to look proportionate both from the view when in the upstairs hallway, as well as the view when on the landing for when someone is going up or down the stairs…

By the way, I love the toile wallpaper, it’s just a great background for anything you want to display on the walls. gallery landing

To achieve what I felt was pleasing to the eye, I hung the pictures so that on the large back wall, the pictures are ‘reading’ to be higher at the left and gently fall lower on the right.

(this is a basic traditional position for arranging… works with flowers arrangements, and vignettes in general)

I placed the lowest frame on the right of the back wall about 3 feet from the floor, and the top picture, which is actually an antique tin tile, on the left, about 1 ½ feet from the ceiling. Thus, the arrangement is not ‘floating’ above your view when you’re on the landing, and it’s not too low when you’re up on the 2nd floor hall looking at it. gallery landing

On the wall left of the back wall, I hung the pictures to have a feeling of climbing up, which appropriately meets the high point on the main back wall. gallery landing

Likewise, on the wall to the right of the back wall, I did just the opposite, I hung the pictures so that they climb down, again appropriate with the back wall.

Spacing between the pictures is tricky, if it’s too close, it feels crowded, but if it’s too far away the pictures don’t visually connect to each other as a unit. My rule of thumb is, depending on the size of the picture, for smaller pictures, usually a 2” space between looks about right, and for these larger pictures about 4”-6” space is appropriate. Now with saying that, there are always reasons to break these rules, such as if you have matching frames/sizes, then much closer can look appropriate. framing smaller pieces in a gallery landing

If you noticed, most of the pictures have a sort of water or boat theme. Actually some are from my grandparents, or special gifts to me, or some are just great tag sale finds.

I had these three smaller prints, but wanted them to ‘read’ as one large unit, so I hung them inside this antique frame, (that my daughter rescued out of a dumpster several years ago). gallery landing

Over the lower level entrance, which is the opposite wall of the large back wall of the landing, I hung this pair of pictures, the theme work with the water/boat theme of the gallery, and the black frames on the prints look great with the black handrail and bring your eye down to the blackish colored letters of the DIY sign I made and hung in the lower level.

I love spaces like this hallway/landing area in a house, it’s really not a ‘room’, but by taking time to create specialness with the decorating of it, even though there’s not space for furniture on the floor, the art on the walls and thoughtfulness in decorating brings this, what could be just a ho-hum space, to a level of feeling like its own special space.




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