A Weekend in the Country

**UPDATE** We moved, Luke Steele of Edina Realty, Hudson, WI did a fantastic job selling our house. Come check out our new 100 year old house we’ve been renovating!!!

We live in the country… for now… but even if we move to town,  there is still a lot of country around us that we can enjoy…

In fact, here’s a little bit of what we did this last weekend…

We enjoyed watching our first horse pull! horses

This team of horses was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. They said the pair of them together weighed in at just over 4600 pounds… and even though we left before the rain came, (as we were on foot, this pull took place just up the private road from ‘Our Former House’) we watched them pull over 5000 pounds before they were done… it was amazing! horses pulling

Here is a different team getting warmed up and ready to get hooked up to the stone boat full of concrete weights.

If you’ve never seen a horse pull, I totally recommend it.

It’s a very ‘country’ event, with different teams competing against each other. It’s fascinating to watch as the team of horses carefully listen to their driver tell them exactly what to do.

Watching the horses pull the immense weights is a strong reminder of how hard our farmers had to work before tractors were available, just to get the fields plowed.

And speaking of farmers…

We live in Wisconsin… you know the ‘dairy state’! comstock creamery

Here is one of our favorite creameries to stop at.

And this last weekend was no exception to that as we traveled North to visit friends on the south shores of Lake Superior. creamery door

The Comstock Creamery sits right off the highway, and is a welcome stop for a snack. inside creamery

Inside we found tons of different varieties of cheese, most are made right here, plus salami and yummy deli meats, pickles, homemade fudge and ice cream too…

Hard to limit it, but this was only a ‘snack stop’…

Next stop is Hayward, WI. It’s a little off the direct route to get to our final destination, but Hayward is a really fun town that a lot of people enjoy, with a great selection of interesting shops, great fishing and boating spots, (it’s touted as the musky capital of the world) it’s also the home of the original Famous Dave’s. It’s easy to see why so many people have or rent cabins around Hayward.

So, after a quick stop at Tremblay’s in Hayward, for a little salt water taffy and special candies to take home for a gift for our grandkids. (ok, maybe a little for me too… oh my word, their peanut brittle is the best I’ve ever had!), we walked down the cute main street to grab a little bit of a lunch at Angler’s Bar and Grill. animal heads in bar

The food was ok, but the interesting décor was very typical of NW Wisconsin country bar and grills…

A lot of ‘heads’…

Speaking of ‘heads’… this is one of my favorites… cow head sign


Isn’t she cute?

She’s mounted on the exterior wall of our favorite ice cream stop in Hayward.

So after we finished our lunch, we walked downtown a little bit more, and stopped in at… West’s Dairy. I’m pretty sure they make the ice cream there, and it is really good. West's icecream sign

Here is the corner of West’s Dairy, love the vintage neon sign.

This is just so quintessential small town Wisconsin. I love it! ice cream sign

I’ll end it here for now, but wait til I show you the amazing place we stayed at with our friends on the south shore of Lake Superior…

I’ll give you a hint… it has to do with barns… 7 of them to be exact…




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  1. Nancy says

    I really have no idea how I found your blog…somebody linked to somebody who linked to somebody, and here I am. I’m enjoying it! I’d never heard of Hayward until my daughter did a first-year college program right up the road in Cable (named the Wisconsin Wilderness Program). The program no longer exists but by the time our second daughter had gone through the second program we’d made a lot of drives from the Mid-Atlantic to the Hayward area. Did you happen to eat at the Norske Nook? They have the best pie! We’ve eaten at the Angler’s, too. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories for me!

  2. Lori Rodriguez says

    Love your decorating. I grew up in Wisconsin but now live out west in the desert : (. I enjoy your pictures and following life in Wisconsin makes my heart skip a beat!

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